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Sprayed products are in every breath you take, every bite you eat and every drink you take

GLOBAL WARMING IS COVER STORY For Weather Warfare Against America By Wayne Jett © September 1, 2017 Geoengineering technology creates severe weather conditions to be used as weapons against targeted populations, areas and environments. The technology has been developed largely by U. S. military efforts to “own the weather,” supposedly to win wars against foreign […]

QOTD: “settled science”

“The mantra of “settled science” is belied by the inherent complexity of climate change as a scientific problem, the plethora of agents and processes that influence the global climate, and disagreements among scientists. Manufacture and enforcement of a “consensus” on the topic of human-caused climate change acts to the detriment of the scientific process, our […]

“Earth Has Shifted” – Inuit Elders Issue Warning To NASA And The World

By nkO Climate change is more than a serious issue; it’s grave. Our planet only has so many recourses and we’ve almost used them all up – and the Inuit elders have a chilling message for us in the eastern world. It is sad that there are people on this earth that still don’t believe […]

Hurricane Maria, Weather Warfare, And Military Bases ( Dane Wigington )

Dr. Judith Curry Explains The Reality Of Bad Climate Science And Bad Politics — Taking Sides

Summary from YouTube (Oppenheimer Ranch Project): Published on Aug 9, 2017 Judith A. Curry is an American climatologist and former chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her research interests include hurricanes, remote sensing, atmospheric modeling, polar climates, air-sea interactions, and the use of unmanned aerial […] via […]

Wake up to the Rockefeller movie of political reality — Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Wake up to the Rockefeller movie of political reality by Jon Rappoport July 24, 2017 The key document here is the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation brainstorming exercise, “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”. It imagines various disasters and possible responses to them. The report presents a friendly and concerned front, but reading between […] […]

Orwell’s Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Who controls the temperature datasets controls the past, and who controls the past controls the future. Welcome to the Orwellian world of temperature adjustments and climate alarmism. Sit up straight and buckle up tight, because this is consensus science as brought to you by Big Brother. […]