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MLK and the Black Misleadership Class

Glen Ford Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday is the greatest sheer spectacle of hypocrisy and historical duplicity of the year, as Black misleaders take center stage to claim his mandate and mission on behalf of a corporate party. “While Dr. King rejected an alliance with the ‘triple evils,’ Black Democratic misleaders describe their deal with […]

White privilege

How to Be a Better White Person in 2020 Michael Harriot […] The concept of “white privilege” can be a distasteful concept to some white people because it implies that you have received something extra. For some, this negates their hard work, talent or ability. This is why I define white privilege in easy-to-understand terms. […]

The “Black Misleadership Class”

Although many of the issues have changed since Malcolm X’s day, Blacks remain locked into much the same power relationships as half a century ago. Malcolm’s “foxes” and “wolves” are still on the prowl: “The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling […]

White Supremacy = Capitalism — Global Research

  Introduction The term ‘white supremacy’ (WS) is being used a lot these days, finding a home in many discussions on social media and in activist circles. Definitions of WS largely fall into two categories, that it is a belief system or that it is an elitist, inequitable hierarchy (see above). Such definitions tend to […]

The Confederacy was a con job on whites. And still is.

By Frank Hyman   I’ve lived 55 years in the South, and I grew up liking the Confederate flag. I haven’t flown one for many decades, but for a reason that might surprise you. I know the South well. We lived wherever the Marine Corps stationed my father: Georgia, Virginia, the Carolinas. As a child, […]

Not Just Tulsa: Five Other Race Massacres That Devastated Black America — The Most Revolutionary Act

Originally posted on AGR Daily News: Not Just Tulsa: Five Other Race Massacres That Devastated Black America | News | BET Despite some people claiming America was “great” for Black people seven years after the Civil War, Black men and women were being massacred in plain sight. One of the most horrific incidents — at… via […]

The Democratic Party Has a Race Problem in the 2020 Election

The Democratic Party Has a Race Problem in the 2020 Election Danny Haiphong […] Black American voters were very much ready for a Black president in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected in one of the most successful electoral campaigns in Democratic Party history. Obama’s election, however, did not make the Democratic Party any less of […]