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Why We Must Protect the World from the United States

Why We Must Protect the World from the United States Ajamu Baraka   Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated the obvious: The United States was the greatest purveyor of violence in the world. He also said the public allowing this violence would lead to a kind of national spiritual death that would […]

QOTD: The voice of violence

MLK’s Political Evolution through the 1960s by Robert Barsocchini Maybe we just have to admit that the day of violence is here, and maybe we just have to give up and let violence take its course.  The nation won’t listen to our voice – maybe it’ll heed the voice of violence. – Martin Luther King, […]

White privilege and white supremacy

How Liberals Depoliticized White Supremacy by Amir Khafagy It could be argued that this past year was the year that the term “white-supremacy” has gone mainstream. Everybody and their mother is talking about fighting or resisting white supremacy. White leftists are usually the ones who are seemingly throwing themselves on the front lines. They also […]

Reporter asks Trump a rhetorical question

After Trump signed a proclamation honoring MLK before his holiday arrives, reporters hurled questions at him about his “shithole comments.” After signing the proclamation, as is his wont, Trump showed off his signature to the press and cameras as if the hand of God had written it for him, then quickly departed the scene and… via […]

US police kill 29 during first week of 2018 — World Socialist Web Site (en)

Almost all of the killings follow a general logic: police kill anyone they suspect to be a threat, regardless of how severe or even real the threat. via US police kill 29 during first week of 2018 — World Socialist Web Site (en)

Hey White People: You’ve Got to Stop Claiming You’re Not Racist

Hey White People: We’ve Got to Stop Claiming We’re Not Racist by Kollibri terre Sonnenblume I am a White person born and residing in the USA. These words are addressed to other White people here. If I focus particularly on liberals, that’s because much of my adult life was spent in the Democratic bastions of […]

Cornel West Vs. Ta-Nehisi Coates: Confronting black neo-liberalism

Cornel West Vs. Coates: A Necessary Debate That Black Agenda Report Has Amplified Since Its Inception Danny Haiphong   … Cornel West essentially outlined the political program of the Black Radical Tradition by exposing the political emptiness of Ta-Nehisi Coates. Coates has made exorbitant profit from book sales and articles for publications such as The […]