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Black Identity Extremists

[Even lying jerks knock it out of the park sometimes. Ed] by abagond Black Identity Extremists (2017), or BIEs for short, is the FBI’s name for violent Black anti-racists in the US. Micah Johnson, who shot police in Dallas in 2016, is an example. The FBI says it is an actual movement. The FBI report on BIEs was […]

Criminalizing black thought

The FBI Targets Black “Ideology” Glen Ford The FBI Targets Black “Ideology” “It is a catch-all for blanket repression of Black activism of any kind. The FBI has apparently chosen a new heading under which to lump Black Americans targeted for political persecution: “Black Identity Extremists.” There’s a simple explanation for the new categorization. The […]

Facebook Is Banning Black Users For Speaking Up Against Racism — Counter Current News

Source: Urban Intellectuals Urban Intellectuals has been shut down more than once, warned and banned over content. Sometimes it’s been as simple as pointing out the racism that someone else has said, sometimes it’s a mildly […] via Facebook Is Banning Black Users For Speaking Up Against Racism — Counter Current News

Here is why I don’t believe anything MSM says about black Americans

by Kit That a protest Facebook/twitter account focusing on the mistreatment of black people by American police was actually a fake account run by Russians to make the US look bad and spread division in the West…is one hell of a claim. If you were to make it, you’d probably be expected to supply evidence […] […]

Honoring Octavius V. Catto: Another History Lesson Trump Will Ignore

Honoring Octavius V. Catto: Another History Lesson Trump Will Ignore by LINN WASHINGTON JR. The historic ceremony outside City Hall in Philadelphia recently, that unveiled a statue of a significant yet overlooked 19th Century civil rights leader, contained chilling contemporary connections that radiate the adage: the more things change the more they stay the same. That ceremony […]

Google’s racist algos

Google Also Allowed Advertisers To Buy Racist Keywords Like “Why Do Black People Ruin Neighborhoods” by Tyler Durden Ever since failing miserably in their efforts to appoint Hillary Clinton to her rightful throne in the Oval Office, Silicon Valley’s biggest tech titans have come under relentless attack from disappointed liberal politicians in DC and their […]

When Good Negroes Go Bad

White America Prefers “Good Blacks”: On Morgan Freeman, Colin Kaepernick, and Trump Paul Street “The militantly and viciously white president and his fellow white nationalist Amerikaner football fans want the players to be ‘good Blacks,’ the types who just obediently damage themselves while dutifully serving the white majority and their direct white masters.” “Wouldn’t you […]