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Morgellons and Nanotechnology: The Silent Crime…

Sorry. Don’t know what’s up with the visuals in this video. No matter. The audio is mind blowing. Forget geo-engineering… Well, don’t forget geoengineering…They’re doing that too. But this: permeating the world population with autonomously developing nano-fibers. To call it monstrous is an understatement.

There Goes the Internet

Goodbye Net Neutrality, Hello Gilded Age Internet By Mark Fiore Did you hear about the recent federal appealscourt ruling that shot down the terribly-named“net neutrality?”  Most people probably didn’t notice the news and aren’t quite sure what net neutrality actually means anyway.  Before the court ruling, Internet service providers had to treat all content going through their pipes […]

Word of the Day: Pathetic

Obama’s ‘Raise’ for Federal Workers is a Bad Joke (lindorff ) President Obama, five years late, decried the terrible income gap in the US, which has worsened during his years in the White House, and offered the puny “fix” of raising the minimum wage paid to employees working on federal projects from its current $7.25 to […]

What is “Snowden’s secret?”

American whistleblower Edward Snowden By Dr Kevin Barrett Fifty years before NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden captured the world’s attention, the phrase “Snowden’s secret” was already becoming a talisman of American literature and popular culture. Yet today, as a real-life Snowden leaks secrets right and left, the media has failed to notice that we’ve heard the […]

Ironic Quote of the Day: Obama Lacks the Will to Speak Truth to Himself

Barack Obama, the country’s first president who happens to be black, does not have the will or political capital to speak truth to power on such matters. Oh please! He is not a hapless petitioner of the powers that be. He is the power. Note the underlying premise of absolving Obama of responsibility. It suggests that […]

War Crime as Foreign Policy

From the Truman Doctrine to Clinton, Bush and Obama Michel Chossudovsky There has been continuity throughout the post-war era, from Korea and Vietnam to the present. The Neo-conservative agenda under the Bush administration should be viewed as the culmination of a (bipartisan) “Post War” foreign policy framework, which provides the basis for the planning of […]

deceptionsTwo “Lest We Forget”

Published on Jan 27, 2014 “Lest We Forget” is a grim 28 minute documentary that chronicles American atrocities American history is fraught with War Crimes.It is time that the American Public woke up to what Predatory American capitalists are capable of. History will reflect an American made Holocaust comprised of hundreds of thousands of brutally murdered […]

Et Tu, Hillary?

The real Hillary Clinton: Health care 2 Undernews by SAM SMITH Sam Smith, Shadows of Hope, 1993 – During the first months of the Clinton administration, one of the biggest national policy changes of the past fifty years was being forged by a secret committee led by Mrs. Clinton under procedures that periodically defied the courts and the Government Accounting Office […]

Psychotronic Mind Control!

Obama and the State of the Onion Address