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Keiser Report: ‘Chattel’ on Corporate Balance Sheets (E988)

Corporate Government Complicity with Big Tobacco — Washington’s Blog

Corporate Government Complicity with Big Tobacco was originally published on Washington’s Blog via Corporate Government Complicity with Big Tobacco — Washington’s Blog

The Obama Legacy Part 1: Healthcare for Those Who Can Afford it

The Obama Legacy Part 1: Profits for the Monopolies, Healthcare for Those Who Can Afford it by Danny Haiphong “The US leads the world in healthcare expenditures and healthcare-induced debt.” As the Sanders campaign grinds to a halt, it is critical to examine what conditions brought about the crisis of legitimacy that currently afflicts the […]

QOTD: “Medicare-for-all”

Washington (CNN)Bernie Sanders isn’t satisfied with the Supreme Court’s affirmation last week of President Barack Obama’s health care law. Instead, the Democratic presidential hopeful said on Sunday he wants the United States to adopt a “Medicare-for-all” single-payer health care plan. “We need to join the rest of the industrialized world,” Sanders said on ABC’s “This […]

Oh the Irony! Too Poor to Qualify for Obamacare

Too Poor to Qualify for Subsidies in Obamacare? Yes!  Washington’s Blog by The PROGRESSIVE View – Eric Zuesse Some people in some Republican-governed states are too poor to qualify for subsidies to buy insurance under the Affordable Care Act. You get that right: too poor to qualify for subsidies. Here is how I discovered this remarkable fact: There was […]

Healthcare Sellout: ‘For 20 Mill I Can Make That Happen’

One reason we ended up with such a crummy healthcare bill Raw Story, 2010 – While some sunlight has been shed on the hefty sums shoveled into congressional campaign coffers in an effort to influence the Democrats’ massive healthcare bill, little attention has been focused on the far larger sums received by President Barack Obama while […]

Et Tu, Hillary?

The real Hillary Clinton: Health care 2 Undernews by SAM SMITH Sam Smith, Shadows of Hope, 1993 – During the first months of the Clinton administration, one of the biggest national policy changes of the past fifty years was being forged by a secret committee led by Mrs. Clinton under procedures that periodically defied the courts and the Government Accounting Office […]