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Wake up, Norm

Reggae Legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Calls Out Chemtrails and 5G Pollution dont know who he is, but great. the more celebs speak up the better. thats the only way the vast majority of norms will hear Vic Bishop, Staff WriterWaking Times It’s been called a conspiracy theory so many times that it’s easy for […]

A repost: Watch the videos before they are disappeared again Oakville Washington, “THE BLOB” – Rainfall Caused FLU-LIKE Symptoms 8/7/1994 –  Oakville, Washington Details: On August 7, 1994, in Oakville, Washington at 3am, rain began to fall, blanketing a 20 square mile area. Though that is common in the area, residents began to note that it was not water but a strange, gelatinous substance […]

QOTD: US Military Primary Cause of Global Warming

US Military Primary Cause of Global Warming Originally posted March 29, 2016 · by nomad · in Uncategorized · Leave a comment ·Edit (No wonder I couldn’t find this post when I was searching for it. It was uncategorized,) “Here’s the awful truth: even if every person, every automobile, and every factory suddenly emitted zero emissions, […]

Penis in the sky, by and by

Things that make you go hmmm…

Post by Harold Saive Five Historic Examples Validate Aircraft As Covert Method For Deployment of FLU Virus Increasing concerns that FLU viruses, toxins and biological weapons released by aircraft and other methods are fully justified. The history of secret operations to infect the population with diseases is a matter of public record. Here are only two:… […]

I can’t be afraid to talk about this

Youtuber MrGregory1957 An amazing awareness raising video from Columbia River Gorge Skywatchers. Please share and help us spread the word on this critical topic. The post You Deserve to Know! – Columbia River Gorge Skywatchers. appeared first on . via You Deserve to Know! – Columbia River Gorge Skywatchers. —

Elana Freeland | The Space Fence, Planetary Lockdown, & The Ionized Sky

Don’t you just hate those people who post videos and claim they are “must see”? I’m not going to do that. Because I hate those people. But now… if I was those people… I’d say this is a must see video. But I’m not. So I won’t. The video does, however, explain everything that is […]