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Global Chemtrail Summit 2017 Matt Landman

  Turns out that “chemtrails”, or aerosol injection (CIA), or solar radiation management (NASA) is no longer a conspiracy *theory*. It’s now officially known as geoengineering and savior of our planet. Matt Landman has been able to compress a lot of information on this topic into his presentation from the 2nd Global Chemtrail Summit held […]

Let us spray: Advocates of geoengineering


CERN physicist explains Chemtrails

RAIN BOMBS :Weather Warfare The Real Story

Purple Sky Purple Sky

NASA Confirms “Chemtrails” is a Real Word Describing Release of Heavy Metals

Download the 220 page Chemtrails manual in PDF Format HERE (Large 28 MB file. Use right-click method to download) Details or original DoD Chemtrails Document: Chemtrails: Chemistry 141 and 142, Fourth Edition CB (Applications and Concepts in Chemistry) by Usafa ISBN: 0201306840 ISBM-13: 9780201306842 Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company (1998-03) Spiral-bound – Sales Rank: 4847383 […]