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Camp Clark and the Demise of Free Speech

Camp Clark and the Demise of Free Speech by JASON HIRTHLER The threat of terrorism is being used to destroy the threat of democracy. I say threat of democracy because we live in a corporate oligarchy, as academics at Princeton feel compelled to point out once a year or so. The threat of terrorism is […]

Chicago Cops Have 3 Torture Sites. We Have One Month To Stop Them.

Originally posted on Video Rebel's Blog:
In one month Chicago elects a mayor. Neither the mayor nor his opponent in the April 7th runoff election have yet bothered to take a position on the existence of the Chicago Police Department’s 3 torture facilities. These are ‘Black Sites’ where the cops are allowed to take…

Obama’s Spying: ‘Worse than anything Nixon ever did’

Soft-Core Fascism by NORMAN POLLACK America is in trouble. Its people have never been more supine in the face of, complicit in, indifferent to, the criminality of its policies, both foreign and domestic, yet this does not sufficiently seem to reassure its ruling groups, albeit, not a unified ruling class, but reasonably cohesive as drawn […]

This is the future if nothing is done to stop them

LA County Sheriff Admits Big Brother Is Here “But We Kept It Pretty Hush Hush” “This is the future if nothing is done to stop it,” is the ominous way The Atlantic describesthe recent Big Brother tactics used by LA County Sheriffs to “police” areas such as Compton. Residents were unaware (“A lot of people do […]

They Test It Out on the Black Community First

Before They Do It to the Rest of the Nation The Creeping National Security State…getting even creepier Behold your benevolent dictated future (oh those hip California trend setters): In a secret test of mass surveillance technology, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department sent a civilian aircraft* over Compton, California, capturing high-resolution video of everything that happened inside that […]

Another Mass Suspension of the Constitution

MANHUNT LEADS TO MASSIVE ROADBLOCK, WARRANTLESS CAR-TO-CAR SEARCHES Police “systematically checking the trunks and rear hatches” of cars in traffic.  (Source: Washington Post) ROCKVILLE, MD — Thousands of motorists were brought to a standstill when police conducted a massive roadblock to find three crime suspects.  Twelve lanes of traffic were shut down and swarms of armed […]

‘Not Me, You Idiot! Spy on THEM!’

DiFi draws a line “now it affects me!” Firedoglake For years there have been few more reliable excuse makers for the intelligence agencies snooping into your life than Dianne Feinstein. For example, two weeks ago. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) offered a full-throated defense of the government’s collection of data on billions of American phone calls, saying Wednesday […]