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Botham Jean brother gets an AWARD!??

“Is Trump a racist?”

The Driving Factor Behind Trump’s Policies — Truthdig RSS Jill Richardson / OtherWords “Is Trump a racist?” I have two answers to that question. First, most white Americans misunderstand racism solely as intentional beliefs held by individual racists who hate people on the basis of race. For example, at times the media has focused on whether […]

This abomination has got to end

Militarizing America’s Police: The Whole Damn System Is “Guilty as Hell”: Taking Control of Police — Global Research The entire system of policing in the United States is in crisis. Police murdering civilians has become a too common nightmare across the United States. The police murders of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, Eric Garner in New York City, Walter Scott in […]

Paul Robeson and the Battle for the Soul of America — Strategic Culture Foundation

by Matthew Ehret     “Every artist, every scientist, every writer must decide now where he stands. The artist must take sides. He must elect to fight for freedom or for slavery. I have made my choice” Paul Robeson, 1937 America today stands at a crossroads. Where an entrenched oligarchy strives desperately to keep hold […]

Obama’s legacy must be repudiated

Obama Condemns “Call Out Culture” Despite Being Its Biggest Beneficiary Danny Haiphong Obama’s cynical analysis of youth activism was yet another dog whistle to the wealthiest and most conservative sections of white America. Hillary Clinton is not the only servant for the lords of capital in the Democratic Party that won’t go away. Former president […]

WATCH: What Eating a Sandwich While Black Looks Like in a Police State — The Free Thought Project

An innocent man was placed under arrest because he was eating a sandwich while waiting for his train. Seriously. via WATCH: What Eating a Sandwich While Black Looks Like in a Police State — The Free Thought Project

A biased algorithm is delaying healthcare for black people in the US

By Jessica Hamzelou A medical algorithm used in the US is prioritising the treatment of healthier white people over sicker black people Joe Raedle/Getty Images Black people in the US may be missing out on healthcare because a widely used algorithm is racially biased. The proportion of black people referred for extra care would more than […]