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The CIA Presidency

How the CIA has influenced the presidency by SAM SMITH You won’t find it mentioned in the embedded media, but every president since Ronald Reagan has had direct or familial ties to the CIA. And if either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton are elected, the trend will continue. While it is well known that George […]

No chemtrails +six days and counting +chemtrail activity + geoengineering interference? +cloudy + three robust chemtrails

3/27/15 Cloudy with light rain earlier. Now the sun is out. Partly cloudy. No chemtrails. Just decomposing cumulus clouds. 4:30 PM. 3/30/15 Nice weather the past couple of days. Partly cloudy for the most part. No chemtrails spotted. Today there is not a cloud in the sky. Perfectly clear. And no sign of chemtrails. It’s […]

Our (Culturally) White Black President

Sam Smith [In 2008 Barack Obama] was running to be America’s first black president, which assumed that skin color and the ethnicity of one’s father outdistanced every cultural factor including who actually raised you. In fact, here is Wikipedia’s summary of Obama’s experience with his black father: On August 4, 1961, at the age of […]

Neo-Black Celebrities

Freedom Rider: Uncle Tom Celebrities by Margaret Kimberley   A young singer who dresses like a bellhop considers himself to be the “new black.” A rapper-actor-songwriter operates under the delusion that racism is like a love affair gone bad. A TV and movie heartthrob invites whites to call him “nigger.” Where do we get these […]

Absolutely amazing + Light rain +clear +stealth chemtrailing +cumulus clouds +Purplish clouds

1/21/15 Here is what the sun looks like today. Compare to yesterday below. That’s got to be 10 or 20 times bigger. This is what the sun looks like without its corona, apparently. The difference between the two pictures is absolutely amazing. Needless to say it’s overcast again. We have become a city of almost constant […]

Small sun + chemtrails resume +absolutely amazing

3/19/15 Look at this. I went out on this overcast day and saw a round orb in the place where the sun might have been, its rays unable to penetrate the mantle. But I thought that this orb was much too small to be the sun. True, I’m not used to looking directly at the […]

Rebirth of a Nation

Tom Engelhardt In The Age of Acquiescence, a new book about America’s two Gilded Ages, Steve Fraser asks why it was that, in the nineteenth century, another period of plutocratic excesses, concentration of wealth and inequality, buying of politicians, and attempts to demobilize the public, Americans took to the streets with such determination and in […]

QOTD: The new “great communicator”

Ajamu Baraka Camouflaging the reality of elite domination with rhetorical sleight of hand techniques and symbol manipulation has catapulted Barack Obama over Ronald Reagan as the new “great communicator.” And while this privileging of style over substance is not new in bourgeois politics, Obama’s ability to demobilize opposition from the left sets him apart and […]

Effervescing trails +engineered cloud cover in about an hour +clearing +Overcast still

3/17/15 They’re baaacccck. Heavy chemtrailing. How long has it been? The most extensive chemtrailing I last observed was February 24. Since then the sky has been mostly overcast with no opportunity to observe chemtrails. But on those rare days when it was not completely overcast there were almost always chemtrails visible. So it is likely […]

Ferguson: Portent of the Police State

The Shocking Finding From the DOJ’s Ferguson Report That Nobody Has Noticed Nathan Robinson This post was co-authored by Oren Nimni, a civil rights attorney in Boston and member of the National Lawyers Guild’s executive board. In the city of Ferguson, nearly everyone is a wanted criminal. That may seem like hyperbole, but it is […]