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How Barack Obama Bombed the “Paris of Africa” into a Hell Hole of Murder, Slave Trade, Sex Trafficking and Mass Starvation — CovertAction Magazine

First, Obama falsely portrayed Gaddafi as a monster; then, he lied about the need for harsh sanctions to punish him for crimes he never committed and, finally, he launched an illegal war under a pretext as phony as Lyndon Johnson’s Tonkin Gulf Resolution and George W. Bush’s Weapons of Mass Destruction. Once upon a time,… How […]

Demand Health Freedom — Rights and Freedoms

mar 29 2023 Florida and Texas are leading the way with legislation designed to prevent discrimination against people based on their vaccination or immune status. These bills deserve EVERYONE’s support! James Roguski SHARE THIS LINK WITH EVERYONE: Share FLORIDA For complete details, visit: Share Please watch the video below… Download the PDF and share […] […]

Redacted — Unlimited Hangout

Whitney joined Redacted to discuss JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and his ties to Jeffrey Epstein. Segment starts at 1:22:45. Available on Rumble and YouTube. Redacted. Redacted — Unlimited Hangout

US Leaders: Are They Sane?

By Ray McGovern Danger: President Joe Biden’s sophomores running U.S. foreign policy today live in a dream world on the verge of becoming a nightmare. The nightmare – military confrontation with both Russia and China – now looms. It is scary enough that Biden seems to be out of it. Scarier still is the reality… […] […]

The Nashville Shooting, the Violent Rhetoric of the Trans Movement and Mass Media’s Hypocritical Coverage of it All — The Vigilant Citizen

I truly hate writing about mass shootings. Other than the fact that killing innocent people is the epitome of evil, every single mass shooting is immediately followed by attempts to push political agendas. Only minutes after each and every single shooting, small, pathetic politicians, activists, and “journalists” use the death of innocent people to score… The […]

One Nation, Under Satan

US History – Story of Demonic Possession — Edward Curtin

The CDC’s very strange fallback position on Covid shots — uTobian

The Contra Example of India’s Rejection of Indemnity for Pfizer — Brownstone Institute

In the US, Americans funded the development of Covid vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna, paid for the resulting vaccines, were mandated to take the jabs by governments and many private sector employers, but because of the grant of legal indemnity lost their right to hold commercial entities accountable for neglect and malfeasance. No one has as yet […]

U.S. Department of Health ordered to release previously blocked report on fluoride toxicology – and it proves what we’ve known all along — The COVID Blog®

Tuesday Tidings X: homosexual culture is officially depopulation for profit, more bad news for Justin Bieber, Wendy Williams; and 31 more sudden deaths — The COVID Blog® March 28, 2023 This blogger can be accurately described as a “gym rat,” with memberships at three different gyms due to constant migration (at least prior to the plandemic). One of said gyms is a classic, smelly, old establishment with rusty dumbbells and very few of those newfangled machines. It’s been a mainstay for… Tuesday […]