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Re-inventing the slave trade

Made in the USA – By prisoner labor American prisoners produce: 100% of all military helmets, ammunition belts, ID tags etc. for the military 93% of all domestically produced paints 36% of domestically produced home appliances 21% of office furniture 1 out of 30 US men aged 20-34 are behind bars For black men of […]

Snow +Stripes +Cold +Picturesque

Wowsers. Nothing to report this week about chemtrail sightings. Mostly we’ve been under cloud cover here in River City the entire week. There has been occasional rain, and now snow. On the day after Christmas. About 2 inches. 12/27/12 Yesterday was a good day to stay in. Today most of the snow melted. The cloud […]

THE CENTRAL PARK FIVE – Official Trailer

Maybe the sun +Circular chemtrail

The cloud cover is breaking up this morning. The sky is actually blue for a change, behind the billowing soft edged cumulus clouds. Maybe the sun will come out and remove  some of the moisture from the air. Although, I’ve seen no rain the past couple of days -perhaps it happened overnight- the ground remains […]

2012 Documentary of an Uncertain Future

Black 9/11: Money, Motive, Technology, and Plausible Deniability

Behind the Bushes

The Incredible Shrinking David Rockefeller

The following resume for David Rockefeller was deleted from Wikipedia on the grounds that “This is too much information,” which is surprising since the resume is arguably the most important component of a biographical wiki article. Positions held/institutions founded during his [David Rockefeller’s] lifetime Chairman/Honorary Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (Chairman: (1970–1985); Chairman of the Chase […]

The International War Crimes Racketeering Organization

Money as a public utility. The false flag depopulation operation.