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Want to Know About Black History? Ask a Slave

Stand Your Ground (In an Alternate Reality)

How The PhDs Have Wrecked The World PhD = Piled Higher and Deeper February 21, 2014     The Geoengineer PhDs are especially dangerous and deadly in their doings Originally posted at: State of the Nation This essay is the first of a three part series that delineates how the advanced degreed, highly credentialed PhD professionals of the world have significantly contributed […]

Half Cloudy, Half Clear +

I haven’t done a chemwatch post in a long time. After doing it almost daily for about two years the pattern was clear. Yes aerosols are being sprayed from planes almost daily throughout the year. Typically the heaviest spraying takes place before noon. The dispersed aerosols  spread into a thin gauzy film that  interact with […]

Escalating the Police State: In Black and White

Teacher Handcuffed by Police While on Field Trip With Students Your Black World A Washington D.C. teacher was handcuffed in front of her students and held for 20 minutes by MetroTransit Police in a case of mistaken identity.   This picture is just another street in Anytown, U.S.A. While it isn’t openly violent — it doesn’t, say, depict […]

Federal Prosecutors Declare Mass Incarceration is Fine & Will Continue; Obama & Holder Pretend Not to Notice

by  Bruce A. Dixon Every now and then, the first black president and his first black attorney general notice the issue of mass incarceration. Often but not always in front of a black audience, they observe that too many people languish prisons for too many minor offenses for far too long, and that far too […]

Barack Obama and the Confederacy of Fools

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A Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy

The U.S. government criminalizes dissent

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern sues State Dept. for Putting Him on Watch List: Lawsuit Challenges Brutal Arrest at Clinton speech By Mara Verheyden-Hilliard The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on behalf of U.S. military veteran and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern against John Kerry, in his capacity as […]

Former FBI Chief poisoned for saying Chemtrails Are Real?

Symptoms indicate that Ted L. Gunderson was poisoned (INTELLIHUB) —Former FBI Chief, Ted L. Gunderson, made a statement regarding chemtrails on January 12, 2011. Ted said the following: “The death dumps, otherwise known as chemical trails, are being dropped and sprayed throughout the United States and England, Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Europe. I have personally seen […]