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We must end the drug war now

Until #Black Lives Matter Addresses the Elephant in the Living Room, Not Much Will Change — The Free Thought Project Matt Agorist […] While the Black Lives Matter movement proposes very radical shifts in law enforcement that would show some improvement, they are silent on one of the most effective solutions. […] If you honestly believe […]

Jeffrey Sterling: I Reject Using My Unjust Conviction Against Julian Assange — Common Dreams – Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Jeffrey Sterling The U.S. prison system is one of deplorable living conditions, disregard for human life, and perpetual punishment. And given Assange’s health, he will be lucky to receive adequate care. (Photo: Claire Doherty/In Pictures via Getty Images) […] Given the long history of the U.S. government’s pursuit of Assange and the obvious political nature of […]

‘Don’t Look Away. This Nation Is So… Cruel’: Rights Advocates Decry Execution of Nathaniel Woods by Alabama — Common Dreams – Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Jessica Corbett, staff writerThe state of Alabama on Thursday executed Nathaniel Woods—who was pronounced dead at 9:01pm local time—after the U.S. Supreme Court issued a temporary stay of execution that was later lifted and Republican Gov. Kay Ivey declined to exercise her powers of commutation or reprieve despite widespread public outcry, doubts about Woods’ guilt,… via […]

Maria Butina: “I saw with my own eyes that there is no justice in the US.”

Maria Butina explains why she agreed to a plea deal despite her innocence “I saw with my own eyes that there is no justice in the US.” Leontiev:You signed a plea deal. We were watching the case very closely, just like all of Russia. Some lawyers said the prosecutors might not have enough evidence to… via […]

Woman who filmed shooting of Botham Jean fired from job in retaliation (video) — Nappy Newz — Kreb Talk

Bunny witnessed the aftermath of Botham Jean shooting (Image source: YouTube screenshot) The unjustified shooting death of Botham Jean by Dallas police officer Amber Guyger sent shockwaves through America. Guyger entered his apartment allegedly thinking it was her own and shot him dead. Now the lone witness to the Botham Jean shooting has stated her […]

The Deplorable State of Human Rights in America — Global Research

In response to annual US reports on human rights in China, Beijing issues its own on the deplorable state of human rights in America. It’s latest report made the following introductory remarks, saying: As in previous years, the latest US … The post The Deplorable State of Human Rights in America appeared first on Global… via […]

ICE: The new Gestapo

Obama 2.0 (Kamala Harris) Supports ICE! Says Immigrants Murder & Rape

How odd: What’s happening to our racist police state?

Cop Who Killed Terrence Sterling Loses Appeal and Will be Fired Officer Brian Trainer, the Washington, D.C. police officer who fatally shot Terrence Sterling in 2016, lost his appeal to keep his job and will be terminated from the force next week. Trainer’s last day on the job will be Friday June 22, after Metropolitan […]

Tsk, tsk: What’s happening to white privilege?

QOTD: We are ruled by criminals

When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.