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Zionism is killing America

Trump & Netanyahu Nearly Start WWIII with Iran Over Soleimani Slaying

Trump Kills #1 Enemy Of Isis In Iran, WTF?


Police are a leading cause of death for black men — Undernews

Hmmm… “A” Leading Cause of Death? Or “The” Leading Cause of Death? It is certainly the reason I avoid contact with them. Unfortunately that’s not always possible. I was held at gunpoint in my own backyard in 2013 for, according to the officer, “looking suspicious”. LA Times – About 1 in 1,000 black men and boys […]

Mumia Abu Jamal: Murder Incorporated — The Most Revolutionary Act

Murder Incorporated: Dreaming of Empire Book 1 (Empire, Genocide and Manifest Destiny) By Mumia Abu Jamal* and Stephen Vittoria Prison Radio (2018) Inspired by Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States, this book is a carefully compiled history of the genocidal racism that forms the bedrock of US history and culture. Murder Incorporated begins […] […]


Aangirfan […] Barbara Sampson Barbara Sampson ‘carried out the alleged autopsy on Jeffrey Epstein’. Barbara Sampson is New York’s Chief Medical Examiner; Sampson can be a Jewish name. Rotana Farea and Tala Farea  In January 2019, Barbara Sampson said that two Saudi sisters, who apparently drowned, had committed suicide. Rotana Farea, 22, and her sister Tala, […]


Above, we see the rather casual arrest of ‘Patrick Crusius’, the alleged El Paso Walmart shooter. The above photos are said to show Patrick Crusius, but the photos could show his body-double.The mother of Patrick Crusius is reported to be Hispanic.So it is unlikely that he wanted to kill Hispanics.Above, we see the real Patrick Crusius… […]

“Rise and Kill First.” – The Secret Israeli Worldwide Assassination Program. — Global Research

By Brett Redmayne-Titley “It made no difference which Palestinians we killed… They either were terrorists or would become terrorists or they gave birth to terrorists.”  – former IDF commander, Rafael “ Raful” Eitan. Spies,  Femme fatale, deadly plots, killings, bombs, knives, guns, and an array of unique murderous weaponry that would make James Bond and “Q” envious. All this, […]