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Billionaires Are Not Morally Qualified To Shape Human Civilization — Caitlin Johnstone

Listen to a reading of this article:❖Human civilization is being engineered in myriad ways by an unfathomably wealthy class who are so emotionally and psychologically stunted that they refuse to end world hunger despite having the ability to easily do so.The United Nations has estimated that world hunger could be ended for an additional expenditure… Billionaires […]

Beware the elite – Christine Anderson – European Parliament — Aangirfan

Geoengineering — Aangirfan

Global WAR-NING: Geoengineering Is Wrecking Our Planet and HumanityChapter IISlowly Wrecking Our Planet, by Rosalie BertellChapter IIIGeoengineering, the “Deep State”, and Planetary Lockdown, by Elana FreelandChapter IV Engineered Forest Fires in Portugal 2017,by Conny KadiaChapter VFrom Geoengineering to a New Deal for Nature: Destroying Earth for Profit by Josefina FraileChapter VIEyes Wide Open in Cyprus,by Linda LeblancChapter VIIWhy Do People… Geoengineering […]

Mass-Jabbing War on Humanity — The Stephen Lendman Blog

Mass-jabbing with toxins that irreversibly harm health and shorten lifespans with mass-extermination of unwanted people worldwide is UNDECLARED WW III with bioweapons designed for this purpose. Before the Pharma-controlled FDA advisory committee rubber-stamped approval of kill shots for young kids — formal authorization assured in short order — virologist Geert Vanden Bossche called for halting… Mass-Jabbing […]


A Holocaust Was What the Americans Did to the GermansEisenhower’s Starvation Order – By James BacqueA holocaust was what the Americans did to the GermansAt the end of World War II, the USA had millions of prisoners of war.As soon as Germany surrendered on 8 May 1945, the American Military Governor, General Eisenhower, made it… EISENHOWER’S […]

DIABOLICAL: Bill Gates Digital ID Will Control Your Life

Healthcare Redefined: Hospitals Transformed into Prisons — The Stephen Lendman Blog

US hospitalization for flu/covid patients is far more hazardous to health and survival than the viral illness. Explaining the disturbing reality of the times since seasonal flu was renamed covid and toxic health-destroying mass-jabbing began, Truth for Health Foundation’s President Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD said the following: US hospitals nationwide are “fail(ing) to (fulfill) fundamental… Healthcare […]

Flu/Covid News to Know — The Stephen Lendman Blog

What’s gone on since last year far exceeds silver screen horror film chills because reality isn’t fiction. When ruling authorities are hostile to public health, well-being and the rule of law, they’re mortal enemies of their people.  That’s the stark reality on all things flu/covid.  What continues unchecked caused unparalleled harm to unprecedented numbers of… Flu/Covid […]

Covid-19: Global Research

Worldwide Walkouts! Protests against Illegal Covid MandatesBy Children’s Health Defense, October 29, 2021 Video: Watch Dr. Peter McCullough Talk About COVID Treatment and VaccinationBy Dr. Peter McCullough, October 29, 2021 ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ of COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Backlogged in VAERS, Analyst SaysBy Children’s Health Defense, October 29, 2021 Behind Closed Doors: Medical Research LabsBy Jon Rappoport, October 29, […]

Being Fully Vaccinated Is an Endless Destination

By Makia Freeman Being fully vaccinated is painted by the MSM (Mainstream Media) as a civic duty, a moral responsibility and ‘the right thing to do.’ Putting aside the outrageous propaganda involved in that claim for a minute, let’s focus for now on what that even means. What is fully vaccinated? 1 shot? 2 shots? 3 shots (2 […]