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UFO entering Volcano Popocatépetl

Amazing sighting of a possible large cylindrical UFO of about 1km long entering in the active volcano Popocatépetl in central México after an exhalation, recorded on October 25th 2012. TheUFO was reported on TV news in Mexico. Different experts couldn´t find an answer yet… If only I knew Spanish.

The Mainstream Almost Gets It

A “Fossil-Fueled Storm” Calls for an Immediate Crash Course on Climate Change by Matt Stoller ( If you’ve been following twitter, you’ve probably seen a bunch of pictures of various parts of the Northeast subjected to the climate nightmare known as Hurricane Sandy. This storm is not a natural disaster, it is a result of […]

“Human Race Get Off Your Knees”

Where the rest of this is I don’t know.

Not much to report +They’re back + Unnatural clouds +Bleached blue sky

Not much to report on chemwatch lately. I’ve been too preoccupied to consciously  observe . On a related note, we had a mild earthquake here in Memphis around 8:oo AM today, Monday. 11/30/12 Whereas pale skies have been the only hint of chemtrails lately, there is no doubt about this morning’s activities. Numerous chemtrails at 11:00, […]

Spraying Chemical Aerosols No Secret To Military Pilots – JUST YOU!

French-Indian Military Exercise “Garuda II” Istres AFB, France Click to ZOOM The US Air Force continues to deny “Chemtrails”.  They call it a “conspiracy theory”, only because they refuse to recognize the word as a “street term” for jet aircraft deployment of chemical aerosols. In 2005, military pilots from France and India spilled the beans at Garuda II with […]

Do Low Cost Airlines Boost Profits With Secret Chemtrail Spraying?

AIRTRAN Boeing 717-200 – Click to ZOOM AirTran Airways is wholly-owned subsidiary of Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV), has been ranked the number one low cost carrier in the Airline Quality Rating study for the past three years. AirTran Airways offers coast-to-coast service on North America’s newest all-Boeing fleet. Shame on Southwest Airlines for allowing subsidiary, Airtran Airwways, to enter into a […]

What The H Is This Sky Object In Virgie Kentucky?

Posted by Rick Phillips (ufodisclosurecountdownclock) (these originals are even better when you enlarge them) ——————————— Other photos of object (different look somewhat) (extreme closeup) And here is the description of the multi hour multi witness event in Virgie Kentucky on Oct. 12th. including the type of camera used, etc. And, is this the SAME object observed […]