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US kept jailing people despite drop in crime


At least 29 members of US House of Representatives are Israeli dual citizens

More Obama legacy burnishing: “He gets things done”

Here’s Two and a Half Cheers for No-Drama Obama —By Kevin Drum On Saturday I promised to both agree and disagree with Matt Yglesias, but I never quite got around to the agreeing part. So let’s do that today. Yglesias was writing in response to a fairly typical complaint from Josh Green that President Obama […]

In an aerosol bubble +Chemcloud tentacles +Rain

I don’t know what these are. They have the translucent fibrous quality that chemtrail generated clouds have. They are generally linear in orientation, like giant ostrich feathers fanning out across the sky. The thing is, I’ve seen no chemtrails this morning. I have seen several high flying planes, but the trails they left were short […]

US tax dollars support germ warfare

Obama Now Claims that He’s Shutting Down Domestic Germ Program The New York Times reported last week that President Obama is so concerned about these accidental releases that he’s clamping down on germ research: Prompted by controversy over dangerous research and recent laboratory accidents, the White House announced Friday that it would temporarily halt all […]

Obama “Good”: A Revisionist Take on President Obama

By Richard Reeves “Democrats Worry Obama Is Helping Their Rivals” was the headline over an article last Friday in the Los Angeles Times. I think that was the one thousandth piece I have read in the last couple of months saying that the president has low approval ratings and will hurt Democratic candidates in November’s […]

Little known: The racism of Mahatma Gandhi

Martin Luther King Jr. Patterned Civil Rights Movement After Man Who Called Blacks “Savages” by Yvette “Poverty is not about having no money alone, it’s about having no power”–Arundhati Roy Most Americans know that Martin Luther King Jr. patterned his nonviolent resistance to racial oppression after  Mahatma Gandhi’s movement in India. What many observers are […]

CNN kicked out of Ferguson for lying


Chemtrail canopy +The weatherman had no clue +Chemclouds clearing +Natural looking cloud cover +Pale sky

I caught a glimpse this morning at dawn. Some pink streaks out my north facing bedroom window. I had no idea. Maybe they’ve been doing a lot of spraying since then, or maybe the sky was already full of chemtrails at the time and I was just seeing the tip of the iceberg through my […]


SOURCE: MICHAEL KRIEGER, LIBERTY BLITZKRIEG The sickening transformation of these United States into an authoritarian police state with an incarceration rate that would make Joseph Stalin blush, has been a key theme of my writing since well before the launch of Liberty Blitzkrieg. One of the posts that shocked and disturbed readers most, was published […]