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Why Chemtrails?

Zen Gardner Chemtrails are a multi-purposed supposed geoengineering effort costing trillions of dollars while the PTBs deny they even exist. These aerosols are toxic to all forms of life while also partially cutting us off from the life-giving sun. Chemtrails also make the atmosphere a more potent medium for mind altering ELF waves as well […]

A Crime of Global Proportions

LiborGate dwarfed by geo-engineering of entire planet July 24th, 2012 Author: Philip Ridley  digg So, we had LiborGate, and I previously noted that this apparent scandal was the tip of the iceberg. Banks and governments have been colluding in hard core mafia crimes such as the laundering and dealing of hundreds of millions of dollars in narcotics […]

Frosting Textured Clouds

I didn’t go out much yesterday (Saturday). The sky was, I think, pastel blue with a white tuft here  and there. The notable observation from the past two days, not sure which, was the frosting like texture of the clouds, as if strokes of white icing had been spread across the sky. Probably alto-cumulus rather than cirrus. They seemed […]

Overnight sprayers +Updates

Monday: Eastern sky bleached. Some spreading chemtrails this morning. 11:00 AM. But now the sky is blue. A healthy shade of blue, filled with enormous white cumulus clouds. 7:00 PM. Tuesday: 5:45 AM. Dawn. Pale sky. That damn star in the east, right in the middle of my window outlook. Always. And a couple of […]

UFOs Over Nuclear Bases July 23, 2012 In a recent interview on the Rense Radio Show, Jeff Rense interviewed noted researcher Robert Hastings on the all too interesting subject of UFOs and nukes. Unidentified flying objects have been seen near power plants, nuclear plants, and our nations most secretive ICBM sites. “UFOs coming out of no where, hoovering and […]

White Skies +Cumulus Sponges +Rain +Silver Lining

No chemtrails sighted yesterday. The sky was blue with lots of cumulus clouds decomposing around the edges. This morning the sky is white. 7:00 AM. Correction. It’s only white in the east. It becomes progressively bluer as one looks west. Cumulus clouds with decomposing edges at 12:00. As usual the sky becomes bluer when the […]

A web of chemtrails

This morning, the chemlull is definitely over. The sky was covered with a webbing of chemtrails at 7:30. These were beginning to spread out in the process of forming that familiar translucent glaze we’ve all grown accustomed to. I saw one or two chemtrails in the making, one of them simply ended in midair; the […]

Poor Little Planet

RJ Matson, Cagle Cartoons, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Weather Wars

Iran accuses U.S. of Using Weather Weapons Posted by truther The head of Iran’s cultural heritage and tourism organization believes that in addition to economic sanctions, the West is launching another kind of ‘soft war’ on the Islamic republic. Speaking at a ceremony to introduce the nation’s new meteorological department chief, Hassan Mousavi said that he […]

Aerosolized particulates

The sky, light blue, not quite what I would call pale, this morning. No clouds. Later in the morning, I happened to see a local TV weather report where the weatherman said that, though a specific radar instrument (forgot the name) was mistakenly  indicating clouds in the area, actually the sky was clear. I went […]