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COINTELPRO Has Returned to the USA

NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart Writes Openly to FBI Infragard, “America’s Unconstitutional Fascist Brown Shirts”   –Ramola D “Dear Fake Patriots…You are facilitating one of the worst crimes against humanity the world has ever seen.” — Karen Stewart NSA Whistleblower Karen Stewart needs no introduction. Outstanding among NSA whistleblowers for her fearless exposé and denunciation of NSA Security, US Naval […]

Yes, Virginia. There Is a Government Troll Training Program

Did You Know That Government Documents Exists That Advocate Putting All Black Americans in Concentration Camps? — Counter Current News

Source: Urban Intellectuals For years, there have been certain government documents floating around that suggested the mass interment of Black people in America. Documents such as the King Alfred Plan have long been dismissed by government officials as works of fiction because it cannot be traced back to a specific author or origin. But recently a… […]

Abagond: CNN and the propaganda matrix

CNN by Abagond   Cable News Network (1980- ), better known as CNN, is one of the three main cable news stations in the US. Although it has been rightly called the Clinton News Network, it is not as nakedly partisan as MSNBC (Democratic) or Fox News (Republican). Ownership: Time Warner, a top donor to […]


Was I commenting at Abagond’s blog in 2014, as he asserts? Let me think. What was I doing in 2014? What was I writing about? Where was I actually commenting? November 17, 2014 · by nomad · in Diary · Leave a comment ·Edit I can write about my personal life very well. I’ve always known that. I kept a diary […]


“Seymour Hersh, the guy who broke My Lai, Noriega drug trade, and Abu Graib torture and many, many other scandals can no longer be published in the US… “His second-to-last historic bombshell – the expose on the 2013 sarin false-flag attack in Syria – was published only in the London Review of Books.”But now he… via […]

Please Don’t Rock My Boat

Black people in America are under mind control. That is the only explanation that could explain their consistent 90+ per cent approval rating of a president that was actively working against their political interests, curtailing their freedom of speech through mass surveillance and committing heinous war crimes to boot. The tentacles of this control spreads […]