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The CIA’s “Counterpunch?” — Political Film Blog

” former CIA analyst” straight up makes baseless war propaganda claim at Counterpunch: “The delayed response to Syria’s unconscionable use of chemical weapons against its own people indicates that the U.S. national security bureaucracy as well as such key European allies as the UK, France, and Germany are trying to constrain the president […] Counterpunch […]

Couple terrorized by surveillance state agents for peaceful posts questioning gov’t

Originally posted on tomfernandez28’s Blog: By Free Thought Project The owners of a tactical supply company were violently arrested and then detained for hours with no explanation while their home was raided by a SWAT Team and their assets were seized—but the evidence used against them by police had nothing to do with alleged… via Couple […]

Weaponized PR: “Stratcom”

  I have been watching this being intensively deployed against the American people since 2016: Weaponized PR, aka Stratcom, aka cognitive subversion. from: The Power of False Narrative By Robert Parry In this age of pervasive media, the primary method of social control is through the creation of narratives delivered to the public through newspapers, TV, […]

The War on Dissent

The War on Dissent CJ Hopkins   Just when you thought the corporatocracy couldn’t possibly get more creepily Orwellian, the Twitter Corporation starts sending out emails advising that they “have reason to believe” we have “followed, retweeted,” or “liked the content of” an account “connected to a propaganda effort by a Russia government-linked organization known […]

Protest is dead


Beware B.I.E. surveillance: It’s about stifling dissent

Neo-blacks don’t have to worry, though, since they don’t dissent. Indeed the ultimate defining characteristic of the Neo-Black is that they don’t dissent politically. We will soon see that the term Black Identity Extremist will apply to all black dissenters of empire, with or without Donald Trump. Is a Court Case in Texas the First […]

Scandalize my Name… New York Review of Books Slimes Paul Robeson

Scandalize my Name… New York Review of Books Slimes Paul Robeson Greg Godels   For the owners, publishers, and editors of the The New York Review of Books, anti-Communism is still alive. The periodical occupies a unique, indispensable role in fostering and sustaining Cold War myths and legends. The New York Review of Books has […]