Cirrious film +clouds

A huge odd looking cloud hung in the sky at sundown yesterday, like an inverted mountain in the northeast. I noticed it because it was pink, apparently reflecting the setting sun opposite it in the west. A cumulus cloud, stationary for at least an hour. It lost its color eventually but the edges rippled out into striated cirrus like tentacles. I imagined that this is the kind of cloud we would see should the nefarious powers that be decide to dump tons of chemicals on the city all at once in an all out depopulation assault. A massive chem-dump. This morning the sky was blanketed with cirrious clouds, a film so thin and smoky in texture it is hard to call it clouds at all. By noon this film had dissolved. The sky was blue once again with scattered decomposing cumulus clouds. Clear enough for me to check for the sparkling particulates I had become aware of a couple of months ago: They were there. And they were numerous, fast moving in the northerly airflow and extending high into the atmosphere. It would seem that these particulates are ubiquitous. The atmosphere is permeated with them, even during this apparent lull in chemtrail activity.

Now the cirrious film is back. 4:30 PM. Not quite  as dense as this morning.


No chemtrails sighted. Partly cloudy sky. Numerous frayed edged cumulus clouds. 1:00 PM.


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