Daily Archives: June 27, 2015

Obama’s “Amazing Grace” Lullaby Just Sang Negroes Back to Sleep

by Yvette Carnell Last week a racist degenerate named Dylann Roof walked into  Emanuel AME church and blew away nine black members. After a manhunt that spanned two states, Roof was apprehended, but not before being taken to Burger King for a sumptuous snack. Roof’s expression of racial hatred was not a first. Fact is, […]

QOTD: Obamacare

How to talk about Obamacare Like other media, we have made the mistake of describing the subsidies in Obamacare as going to citizens. In fact, what are truly being subsidized are huge health insurance corporations. Citizens are merely the facilitators of a subsidies  to an industry that provides no real healthcare service at all. In […]