Daily Archives: June 20, 2015

Why has NASA not disclosed the 5-mile high white tower structure on the moon?

So this was why NASA terminated the Apollo Moon Program!   Obviously, NASA has both the spacecraft and space-based telescopic capability to get extreme closeups of the 5-mile high structure on the moon. The questions then remains, since the Apollo Moon Mission of April of 1972, why has NASA failed to disclose this highly significant […]

Stealth chemtrailing +More + filtered sunlight +fuzzy film +too hot +cirrious clouds

For whatever reason, this has become the most common form of chemtrailing. Light, short lasting trails that quickly melt into a fibrous cloud. The only clue you have that they are aerosol clouds and not natural cirrus clouds, if you don’t happen to catch them in the making, is that they are linear oriented. This is […]