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Chomsky: Obama is “opportunist”..Hillary Clinton no different just “more militant”

Non-smoking gun +the technique for observing particulates + cumulus clouds

Mostly cloudy this morning. And now:   1:30 PM, the first definite chemtrails I’ve seen in almost two weeks. True, I have been seeing some cirrious flurries, the kind of nebulous clouds that chemtrails make, but no actual trails. The chemtrailers are being less stealthy today. 3:00 PM. Now this is a rare sight indeed. I […]

Conspiracy and Class Power

Conspiracy and Class Power My my, there sure is a lot of dumb talk about conspiracy theory on the internet today, presumably because of Amber Frost’s dumb list of things that are much less good than the super-effective, not-at-all crackpot Democratic Socialists of America, “an American socialist organization” for which Frost is an officer. 373 more words