Daily Archives: June 11, 2015

Cirrious film +clouds

A huge odd looking cloud hung in the sky at sundown yesterday, like an inverted mountain in the northeast. I noticed it because it was pink, apparently reflecting the setting sun opposite it in the west. A cumulus cloud, stationary for at least an hour. It lost its color eventually but the edges rippled out […]

Obama Trouble

Why i’m in trouble again Sam Smith, March 2008 – I’m in trouble again. The proximate cause is not acceptance that Barack Obama is as good as we’re going to get as president given our fouled up election system, but that I’m not enthusiastic about it. As a fellow journalist put it, “You haven’t taken […]

America the Ugly

A View From the Other 96%  by DavidSwanson Exposing Lies of Empire by Andre Vltchek is an 800-page tour of the world between 2012 and 2015 without a Western tour guide. It ought to make you spitting-mad furious, then grateful for the enlightenment, and then ready to get to work. The 4% of us humans […]