Superduper Tanker

A third day or so of 100 degree temperatures. Yesterday was the worst so far because of the higher nighttime lows. No real relief. And this. This is such a strange thing to be hidden in plain sight. Day after day, the same thing. No chemtrails, no direct evidence of spraying, and yet the sky is practically white in the morning. Too bad all inquiry of these new (21st century) cloud phenomena  is not just ignored by the corporate media but demeaned as “conspiracy theory” with all of the pejoratives that that term has come to represent.  Well here’s a conspiracy theory for ya.

I was just looking at those videos of the Evergreen Air B-747 supertanker:

Fire Retardant Drop

High Altitude Drop – Weather Modification?

This doesn’t really explain chemtrails. A chemtrail “dumping” would have to be much longer, an emission extending a much longer period of time than this. But it does explain something else I have observed. It explains how the isolated smokey whirls of clouds, the texture of which I associate with spreading chemtrails, can appear with no trails in fact observable. The chemicals, the particulates (whatever they may be), instead of being sprayed in a long continuous trail, can be dumped all at once. Perhaps this is the real reason why this superduper tanker will not be used in the fight against those massive Colorado wildfires. It reveals the manner by which areas can be sprayed from high altitude without leaving chemtrails. It reveals the technique by which the sky can be whitened surreptitiously. Stealth “chemtrailers”.

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  1. […] It was later when numerous swirling gossamer clouds appeared, obvious spreading trails or simple surreptitious dumps of aerosolized […]

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