Daily Archives: June 29, 2012

Pale Sky

Glad to have a name for the the kind of clouds I’ve earlier described as “scaly” and “ionized”. Chemtrails of conductive aerosols can exhibit the appearance of thumbprint clouds under the influence of an electromagnetic field like the ionospheric heater at HAARP. I like “ionized”, because these clouds do give the impression of being electrically charged, but […]

Chemtrails as Toxic Electric Clouds of Aluminum and Barium

 Print  PDF Chemtrails as Toxic Electric Clouds of Aluminum and Barium Harold Saive Gainesville Conspiracy Examiner GeoEngineering Watch This video discusses the consequences of increasing the conductivity of our breathable atmosphere with the covert deployment of toxic aerosols containing Aluminum and Barium One visible feature of this aerosol deployment is the appearance of artificial “thumbprint” cloud formations […]