Pale Sky

Glad to have a name for the the kind of clouds I’ve earlier described as “scaly” and “ionized”.

Chemtrails of conductive aerosols can exhibit the appearance of thumbprint clouds under the influence of an electromagnetic field like the ionospheric heater at HAARP.

I like “ionized”, because these clouds do give the impression of being electrically charged, but I’m not sure if that term is accurate. “Thumbprint” clouds is a perfectly workable way of  designating them.

No thumbprint clouds today. The sky is an even pale blue, near white, all over. Bright sun. Except for the whiteness of the sky itself, not a cloud in it. And indeed the very whiteness of the sky denotes a hovering mist; in fact the white, in effect, in the final analysis is merely a very thin cloud stretched across the whole of the sky. And this morning, it’s worse than usual (and probably more dangerous, for those with breathing problems). There is a a faint haze at ground level. This haze is likely  not just water mist but the settling of sprayed aerosols. Like I say, we are walking around in this stuff.

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