We are living in a perpetual aerosol bubble. +100 degrees

Morning sky haze. Pale blue. Out walking this morning (around 7:30). Again the thin veil is evenly spread. I only saw one high flying dot leaving a short lived trail. Though, for this reason, it might be deemed a natural contrail. I don’t think so. I am of the opinion that in an already saturated sky like today’s chemtrails are readily absorbed into the atmosphere. This, I believe, is the means by which the sprayed aerosols spread across the sky are stealthily reinforced. We are living in a perpetual aerosol bubble.

The sky is so pale it’s almost white. If this thin veil is meant to filter the sun it’s doing a poor job. The sun is brilliant in the bleached blue sky. If they were really trying to shield this area from the sun’s heat, blistering BTW and projected to be a heat wave, you would think there would be heavy chemtrailing going on today. I know from my observations these past two years that they are capable of engineering huge mushroom canopies of translucent clouds, even when not augmented by natural clouds. 11:00 AM.

I get taken aback when I read articles like this: geoengineering-could-turn-skies-white. According to Scientific American, the geoengineering  I imagine myself seeing is only in the consideration phase. It’s a relief to know that they have not started spraying light deflecting particles into the upper atmosphere yet. Still, the sky is awfully white.

3:00 PM. I am surprised to see that the overarching haze has largely dissipated in the intervening 1 or 2 hours since my last observation. A  wave of perforated cumulus clouds have moved in from the north. This is probably the leading edge of a bigger wave. The perforated texture is probably due to interaction with the overhanging ambient aerosols. As I have noted before, when cumulus clouds move in they seem to remove the haze, turning the encompassing sky back to blue.

4:30 PM. Looks like the sea of mist won that battle. The wave of cumulus clouds must have been a small one. I see what may be the remnants on the distant east horizon. Meanwhile the sky is once again veiled over with a white glaze. The sun intense. The temperature is a scorching 100 degrees.


  1. IRF Pilot · · Reply

    Cloud cover indeed.

    1. Seen it close up have you?

  2. Osiris · · Reply

    yea that happened today over here.

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