The Global Digital ID Prison — Rights and Freedoms

11 march 2022 Do you get the feeling digital id is being hyped by every government, corporation, financial institution and globalist-connected NGO as “the way of the future”? Well, you’re right! But why is this being pushed so hard right now. Don’t miss this important edition of The Corbett Report podcast where James lays out […]

The Global Digital ID Prison — Rights and Freedoms


  1. I don’t shop at Walmart, but my cousin told me that Walmart has it set up so that the only way you can use cash is if you go to a station whereas there is a ‘live’ cashier and there are usually only one or two of those open, he says and so the lines are long. The self-check out stations only accept credit/debit cards and there are plenty of them available, but many of them go unused. He says that he has heard people grumbling about the fact that these corporations want to know every detail about us. So, apparently, some people are waking up to that fact because he says the lines are stubbornly long at the one or two available ‘live’ cashier stations.

    1. Yeah. I considered titling this post The Mark of the Beast and subtitling it “no one will be able to buy or to sell, except [they have] the mark”

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