Daily Archives: March 16, 2022

Ukraine Exposes White Supremacist Foreign Policy — Desultory Heroics

Image – Carlos Latuff By Margaret Kimberley Source: Black Agenda Report White supremacy is at the heart of US war propaganda. The exhortation to “stand with Ukraine” is no exception to this rule. By now everyone knows that Ukraine’s flag is blue and yellow. It is impossible to miss as the Empire State Building in New York, the Brandenburg […] […]

10 Signs the War in Ukraine is part of the Great Reset — Rights and Freedoms

Mar 14, 2022 A special correspondent Welcome to the second phase of the Great Reset: war. While the pandemic acclimatised the world to lockdowns, normalised the acceptance of experimental medications, precipitated the greatest transfer of wealth to corporations by decimating SMEs and adjusted the muscle memory of workforce operations in preparation for a cybernetic future, an additional […] […]

The arrogance of the Neocons 

What is unfolding is that the arrogance of the Neocons and their personal hatred of Russia and China has run its course. They are now setting in motion the decline and fall of the West. A crisis is unfolding. This crisis of commodities that our computer has been forecasting for this wave 2020-2024, is actually helping to […]