The arrogance of the Neocons 

What is unfolding is that the arrogance of the Neocons and their personal hatred of Russia and China has run its course. They are now setting in motion the decline and fall of the West. A crisis is unfolding. This crisis of commodities that our computer has been forecasting for this wave 2020-2024, is actually helping to undermine the world economy and shifting even the use of the dollar internationally. Saudi Arabia has agreed to accept the Chinese Yuan in return for oil. That is the start of this shift and this too took place on this turning point. The seizure of private Russian assets was such a profound violation of international law, that international capital realizes that the SWIFT system is now political and no longer trustworthy. The very foundation of the G7 has been undermined by the seizure of Russia’s FX reserves.

The United States has also announced a ban on Russian oil and, along with other Group of Seven (G-7) nations, moved to end Russia’s normal trade relation status, making it more difficult for Russia to do business with the West. While the US points to the collapse of the Russian Ruble and the Russian stock market remaining closed as evidence of the effectiveness of sanctions, they have not understood that they have severed the entire world economy and this has ended the dominance of Western multinational companies. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed confidence to reporters Tuesday that Russia will “find a way to eliminate” its economic dependence on the West. Indeed, we are already seeing signs that China is following the same directions. This is not a one-sided victory for the Biden Administration. They have completely destroyed the world economy in precisely three years. Decades of building international trade and trying to create free trade agreements of the past several administrations are now completely destroyed.

While Psaki told reporters that: “We’ve made President Putin’s war of choice a strategic failure,” she had better look at the catastrophic collapse unfolding in the world economy. 

The ECM & March 14th — Armstrong Economics


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