Chemtrails a-bombing? Rain is a-coming +Rain’s here +Repeat +Maybe not

by nomad

I have a camera on my laptop but in the time it takes to retrieve it the image I want to capture is gone. Here is what I observed. It’s a half and half day.  Lots of clouds but lots of blue in between. Around 11 AM I noticed a couple of long chemtrails among them. I thought to myself, “Those are all white cumulus clouds and it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain. Yet chemtrails do often portend rain.” As I have previously  observed, the geoengineers tend to spray ahead of weather fronts.

What got me to thinking it might actually rain was, around 12:30 PM, seeing a  long bank of dark cumulus clouds sliding underneath  the white clouds from the east. Curiously, there were several trails in the sky. Most of these several trails ( about three of them) streamed above this dark cloud on the same general axis as this long bank of clouds. One plane did something peculiar. Once it left the vicinity of the dark cloud it abruptly stopped leaving a trail. This plane had obviously been spraying, since it was able to stop the trail. If the trail was due to atmospheric conditions (contrails) this cessation of trail formation could not happen, especially in contrast to the other trails which were continuous. That suggested to me that perhaps this plane (and the others as well) were seeding this dark cloud, spraying some ingredient or chemical above it to stimulate rainfall.

That would be some tight weather control if true. Probably tighter in my neck of woods than most. I recently discovered I live about 5 miles from a C-17 hub. That, of course, is the military plane most frequently implicated in the suspected geoengineering operation.

I checked the weather report. There is a 30 % chance of rain today. Much more rain forecast for the rest of the week. Chemtrails a-bombing? Rain is a-coming.

3:00 PM

Rain. One of the scattered thunderstorms forecast.


2:00 PM

Today began just like yesterday. Beautiful skies. Half blue. Half cloudy with voluminous cumulus. Some chemtrail residue in the mix (linear columns of haze suggesting spreading chemtrails). Rain expected later today.


It didn’t rain as much as had been forecast. At least not in this neighborhood. A light shower. Maybe it poured elsewhere in the metro area. No rain today either. So far. 5:00 PM.

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