Chemtrailling by stealth +Nothing stealthy about today’s chemtrails +Drone?

by nomad

So, I have noticed that chemtrails have generally diminished during this cornholio period, though not disappeared altogether. It has decreased due to the corresponding decrease in commercial airline traffic (which was being used to augment the operation) during the present hysteria. One can be sure that the military planes used in this operation have suffered no such decrease. Hence, though there has been a noticeable decline in chemtrails, they have not disappeared completely.

Yesterday, I was a little puzzled. The sky was pastel blue yesterday morning. I noticed several planes leaving trails at a high altitude. They were mere dots they were so high. Forty maybe 50,000 feet. The trails they left were short and short-lived, which made me wonder if they were naturally forming condensation trails. They were so high up I could not determine if there was a gap between the plane and the formation of the trail behind it. Such a gap would indicate a naturally forming contrail. Chemtrails spew directly from a spraying plane; with no gap between plane and trail.

I saw several of these high flying short trail planes throughout the day. Though there were no classic long form chemtrails, the spread of which cumulatively cause grey skies, an otherwise clear sky grew paler and paler throughout the day. I suspect that the short trail planes I was seeing were stealth chemtrailers, releasing small amounts of spray which would be quickly absorbed into an already saturated (pale) atmosphere.

Today the sky is blue again but there are wispy clouds all over, some of them the texture of smoke. There is evidence of a spreading chemtrail in dashes here and there. No long form chemtrails have been observed, but the gossamer clouds are the kind that chemtrails leave behind when they spread. These smokey clouds were either formed here through  chemtrailing by stealth, or they were formed in a nearby area of the country and carried here by the jet stream.

Update: 8/6/20

Nothing stealthy about today’s chemtrails. About a dozen very long trails are visible this evening (5:30) at various stages of dispersion. Two massive ones cross the face of sun, as is typical of chemtrail bombardments. No other clouds in the sky, which by the way is pale blue. I expect this chemtrail session to result in wispy chemtrail clouds, or as I have named them “cirrious clouds”. Some have already spread to the point where they might more accurately be described as feathery clouds. On the other hand, the sky might simply grow paler and paler all over becoming a homogenized canopy of grey.

9:00 PM

I have got to quit looking at the sky. I’m always seeing something odd and usually minute. Hardly worth writing about, it’s so small. Small small small. The chemtrails turned into streaky clouds against a pale grey sky at the end of the day. As night fell I was surprised that I could see stars through the streaks. And then I saw it. A blinking light that I assumed was a plane. And it seemed to be at a very high altitude. Had it not been moving I would have thought it to be a star, it was such a tiny light. But this light did not progress on a linear path. It meandered back and forth in a small area of the sky. Perhaps it was an optical illusion due to intervals between blinks but the “vehicle” seemed to dart back and forth in an irregular generally spiral pattern that eventually migrated northeasterly. That’s what I saw. Don’t know what it was. It seemed to me too high to be a helicopter. So it must have been a drone. The pattern of flight suggest it was engaged in some kind of surveillance.

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