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Mass-Jabbing War on Humanity — The Stephen Lendman Blog

Mass-jabbing with toxins that irreversibly harm health and shorten lifespans with mass-extermination of unwanted people worldwide is UNDECLARED WW III with bioweapons designed for this purpose. Before the Pharma-controlled FDA advisory committee rubber-stamped approval of kill shots for young kids — formal authorization assured in short order — virologist Geert Vanden Bossche called for halting… Mass-Jabbing […]


A Holocaust Was What the Americans Did to the GermansEisenhower’s Starvation Order – By James BacqueA holocaust was what the Americans did to the GermansAt the end of World War II, the USA had millions of prisoners of war.As soon as Germany surrendered on 8 May 1945, the American Military Governor, General Eisenhower, made it… EISENHOWER’S […]