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Reposting my Critique of RT Newscasts: A Shadow of Their Long Ago Straight Talk on Cutting-Edge Issues — The Stephen Lendman Blog

Perhaps I’ll take flack for my straight talk comments below. Readers who follow my writing know I say what I mean and mean what I say — trying to set the record straight as best as I understand things. This critique is about RT newscasts alone, not its other on air content I don’t follow… Reposting […]

Its A Critical Time Now! — We Are Change

The post FREE VIDEO FOR EMAIL LIST! Its A Critical Time Now! appeared first on We Are Change. FREE VIDEO FOR EMAIL LIST! Its A Critical Time Now! — We Are Change

Mayhem & Madness: Authoritarian Monsters Wreak Havoc on Our Freedoms

By John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead “You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You’re wrong. Dead wrong.” — They Live We are living in an age of mayhem, madness and monsters. Monsters with human faces walk among us. Many of them […]

The Final Solution. Full Digitization. “The QR Codification of the World”

By Peter Koenig Imagine humanity would one day – very soon – decide to stop wearing masks. In unison. Not in the streets, not in restaurants, not in shops, not in sports events – simply nowhere. Against all orders of a good portion of the 193 UN member governments, or at least the western governments. And, […]

Vaccine Researcher Admits ‘Big Mistake,’ Says Spike Protein Is Dangerous ‘Toxin’

“The coronavirus spike protein from COVID-19 vaccination unexpectedly enters the bloodstream” By Celeste McGovern *** First published in May 2021 ‘Terrifying’ new research finds vaccine spike protein unexpectedly in bloodstream. The protein is linked to blood clots, heart and brain damage, and potential risks to nursing babies and fertility. New research shows that the coronavirus spike protein […]

Unvaccinated Hospital Staff Only Ones Telling the Truth Regarding Vaccine Injuries as They Prepare to Leave the Medical System — The Most Revolutionary Act

California Hospital Workers Preparing to Strike. Image source. by Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News We are looking at a total breakdown and failure of America’s hospital system. Ethical nurses and doctors are being censored and fired, while those who remain face horrific work conditions due to shortages of staff, and many of them are […] […]

Public Health or Private Wealth? How Digital Vaccine Passports Pave Way for Unprecedented Surveillance Capitalism — Strategic Culture Foundation

Public health or private wealth? How digital vaccine passports pave way for unprecedented surveillance capitalism By Jeremy LOFFREDO, Max BLUMENTHAL The titans of global capitalism are exploiting the Covid-19 crisis to institute social credit-style digital ID systems across the West. The death by starvation of Etwariya Devi, a 67-year-old widow from the rural Indian state of… Public […]

Orchestrated Breakdown of Supply Chains — The Stephen Lendman Blog

There’s nothing happenstance about shortages of food, other essentials, escalating prices and a breakdown of supply chains — what’s affecting US households nationwide. What’s going on and likely to worsen ahead was carefully planned by US dark forces as part of their diabolical mass-extermination/freedom-destroying plan that targets most Americans and others abroad. Days earlier, risk… Orchestrated […]

Is U.S. Response to COVID Pandemic an Official Government Psychological Operation? — Children’s Health Defense

“Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home — so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. Yet they are the world of the individual person; the neighborhood he lives in; the school or college he attends; the factory, farm, or… Is […]

The Many Crimes of Colin Powell

The Many Crimes of Colin Powell Margaret Kimberley    Colin Powell’s death is an opportunity to question the inclination to respect the Black face in a high place. Powell’s career includes a litany of crimes that must never be excused. “But we already had two firsts. Colin Powell was one of them, and Condoleezza Rice, […]