The CoVid Con Dismantled — Brasscheck TV

The CoVid Con Dismantled

Essential resources all in one place

Documenting a crime against humanity

This is a collection of resources you can use to educate yourself about the CoVid Con.

It is by no means exhaustive, but it addresses the essential issues.

Frauds related to the CoVid Con include the following:

1) we’ve never seen this before
2) there is no safe, effective treatment
3) CoVid is deadly to all
4) you’re a “case” and “infected” even if you have no symptoms
5) asymptomatic “super spreaders” are a problem
6) the tests are scientifically sound
7) all respiratory problems are likely CoVid cases
8) masks protect your health
9) the lockdowns reduced death rates
10) intubation and venting is a reasonable response to the symptoms

ALL false, all based on fraud.



“Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense” (2007) CoVid follows a “playbook” for medical and scientific fraud that was thorough described and documented over ten years ago. More info


Click here for the complete list of videos

The CoVid Con Dismantled — Brasscheck TV

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