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Abandon ship! Governors scramble to end lockdowns, mask mandates — Aletho News

16 states are now following the science By Jordan Schachtel | March 2, 2021 It took an entire year, but lockdowns and mask mandates are officially incredibly unpopular with half of the country, to the point that governors are rapidly making sweeping changes to their year-long COVID-19 policies. Jumping onto the coattails of pro-individual freedom […] […]

It was ALL a LIE..

All a Deception


Hitler was RothschildAlois Hitler was the father of Adolf Hitler. Alois was born to then-unmarried Maria Schicklgruber, and the identity of his biological father is uncertain. Wikipedia’Austrian Chancellor, Englebert Dollfuss managed to discover the registration card of Maria Anna Schicklgruber which listed her employment at the Vienna residence of “Baron Rothschild”.’Hitler was Rothschild’According to the… MYSTERIOUS […]