The controlled release of aerosols observed +some trails +Feels like rain +Cloudy mostly


Not much to report the past several days. I’ve seen some trails but not extensive chemtrailing this week, though admittedly I have not been paying close attention. Today there are morning trails.


The trails here cross the face of the sun. Note the streams that shear off perpendicular to the trail that can be seen most clearly. This indicates that the trails are being laid crosswind to accelerate the dispersion.

The other thing that I noticed this morning (8:30) was a plane flying at about 40,000 feet almost directly above me going west, a tiny white silhouette. It was leaving a trail of a thousand feet or so that quickly melted into an already glazed sky. it was leaving a double trail and as I pondered whether or not this trail was aerosol spray, I noticed another plane flying near it just ahead of it, going in the same general direction, at approximately the same altitude, leaving no trail at all. So that answered that question. This was a stealth chemtrailer, emitting a reduced amount of aerosols, which is why the trail it left was short and did not linger. As if to underscore the point, the plane that had not been leaving a trail emitted a small burst and then a longer dash of trailage which did linger, emphasizing that these were not engine generated contrails but were in fact the controlled release of aerosols.


It was very cloudy yesterday, Saturday. I saw some steaks through the breaks in the cloud cover that may or may not have been chemtrails. This morning I saw a moderate amount of chemtrails.


Light rain yesterday afternoon and apparently overnight. Early morning rather. I was out at 1:00 AM; there was no rain. Today is overcast. Feels like it could rain any second. 2:00 PM.


Just like yesterday. Light rain overnight/early morn. The overcast appears to be breaking up at 1:00 PM.


No chemtrails sighted lately. Today, unlike the past several days, is not cloudy, yet it is difficult for me to call this “clear”. The sky is covered with a thin layer of soft film, making it look pale, pale blue.



Nothing to report. Cloudy mostly. Overcast today. If there were trails I couldn’t see them. Though during some periods they spray more than at others, generally speaking they spray this area, this small bit of locale which I inhabit, almost everyday. That is why I am guessing that there may be spraying going on above the cloud cover we have been having lately, unobserved by me.

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