Glazed sky +day ends as it began


Well, I saw nothing of note yesterday. Fuzzy cumulus clouds on a sea of mists at one time or another. Though I failed to make note of it, there were quite a few chemtrails the day before (9/18). A few in the morning. Many in the evening. So there was about a three day lull this week, 15,16,17, and trails on 18. And now this morning. Glazed sky and numerous trails. 7:30 AM.


7:00 PM. The day ends pretty much as it began; with chemtrails in a glazed sky. In between the chemtrail residue congealed into swirly clouds which expanded throughout the day or perhaps combined with naturally forming clouds. Now the sky has again become a glazed over translucent film into which the trails are quickly absorbed. In the time it took to write this, about ten minutes, the prominent chemtrail in this picture has completely dissolved into the film.


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