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Former Obama Supporters Are Abandoning Ship and Hoping You Won’t Notice

 ybw by Yvette Carnell In one of the most racially objectionable defenses of President Obama during the 2012 election cycle, Melissa Harris-Perry slyly accused white liberals who were not fully on-board with reelecting Obama of being racist. It was one of the most coercive–and creative–manipulations of well meaning white guilt that I’d read. It assumed that any falling out […]

Obama and Holder: Justice Deferred

Sweetheart deals with corrupt corporations and banks have soared under Obama Undernews by SAM SMITH A dramatic spike in Justice Department cases ending in settlements instead of criminal charges against corporate bad actors in the financial sector raises questions about whether the agency maintains “too big to jail” policies, a new study concludes. The Hill, July 8 […]