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Save America Foundation Joins the Battle Against Geoengineering

July 6, 2014 Dane Wigington My most sincere thanks to the Save America Foundation for their courage in joining the most critical fight against global climate engineering. The complete derailment of Earth’s climate and life support systems is continuing to pick up momentum. Though there are many causes of damage to our planet, stratospheric aerosol […]

Climate Engineering Using Chemtrails Intensifies Global Warming and Climate Chaos

Comment: The anonymous author of this article presumes that chemtrails are intended as solar radiation management (SRM) to mitigate global warming/climate change.  However, the evidence is far more robust that chemtrails, artificial clouds and electromagnetic transmitters are intended as eco-weapons to destabilize and deliberately warm surface temperatures.  With no way to communicate or post comments at […]

Global Satellite Survey Reveals Covert Climate Warming Agenda 

Chemtrail The vast toxic aerosol contamination of our breathable atmosphere is a planetary emergency beyond the ability of most people to accept. The past several days of Worldview satellite assessments leaves no doubt that earth’s climate is under intense modification by millions of tons per day of aerosols dumped over land and sea in both […]