America the psychopathocracy

Hegemon USA Prepares for “Significant International Conflict” — The Stephen Lendman Blog

Notably throughout the post-WW II period, peace and stability have been anathema notions for the US ruling class.

Perpetual US war on humanity at home and abroad proved it indisputably.

At a time when hegemon USA is waging all-out sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia, the risk of conflict between the world’s leading nuclear powers was never greater.

Dominant US Russophobic hawks are pushing things ominously in this direction.

While throwing billions of dollars worth of weapons at Ukraine’s battered and beaten military won’t change a thing on the ground, it shows hegemon USA’s intent to wage perpetual war on Russia — even at the risk of crossing a rubicon of no return to East/West conflict with nukes.

The empire of lies is run by its criminal class — a rogue’s gallery of psychopaths and sociopaths.

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