Is Trump a Judas Goat? —

In an article entitled “Where Have We Seen Trump Before?” posted in 2018, I compared Trump to Hitler.”Hitler was elected to make Germany great again. The bankers had something else in mind…How would Trump advance the Illuminati Jewish (Satanist) program for one world government tyranny?” Now we have the answer. Trump is a Judas goat, who herds the animals and leads them to the slaughterhouse. 


Donald Trump has been part of the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) Cabal all his life. He is a crypto-Jew and he is surrounded by Jews. His children married Jews. He is constantly making Masonic hand signs. He pretends he doesn’t know who is behind ISIS, terror and 9-11. He prostrates before the rogue state Israel.


Is Trump a Judas Goat? —

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