The revolution will not be subsidized


Late stage capitalism is eating US society alive, dissolving all bonds between peoples and savaging every human right that has not already been put on the “market” and made buyable. The rule of the super-rich makes all the rest of us super-small. Relations among individuals, classes and even workers doing exactly the same job on the assembly line are distorted and deformed to further enrich the likes of Jeff Bezos ($114 billion), Bill Gates ($106 billion) and Warren Buffett ($80.8 billion), who have grasped more wealth in their personal clutches than is held by the entire bottom half  of the U.S. population. One out of five Americans owe more than they own, rendering them negative beings in U.S. society.The pace of plutocratic reordering of society quickens with each passing year, as the rich deploy their wealth-power to erase every impediment to the absolute dictatorship of the moneyed class. They control the only two political parties that are allowed to govern, and every means of communication among those who are subject to that government. Thus, every attempt at insurgency against the plutocrats is organized through the various spectrums of plutocrat-owned media, and overheard by their Deep State apparatus. The plutocracy’s hegemony is so pervasive, even brand-name Black Lives Matter activists depend on them for funding, and constrain their politics accordingly. The revolution will not be subsidized.

The ethnic whiteness of this plutocrat class (in the U.S.) is both historically inevitable, given the racialized nature of the rise of capitalism – and politically immaterial, since the very existence of this class smashes all claims to humanity for the rest of us. A theoretical “diversification” of the plutocracy — peppering it with Black and brown billionaires and sweetening the mix with women — will make no difference whatsoever in the system’s social consequences, except to further delude the many-hued and -gendered classes and peoples at the bottom. 


The plutocrats and their servants are not super-smart — the billionaire buffoon in the White House has shown the whole world that some oligarchs are idiots – but they have vast powers of obfuscation and have given their official and media agents full license to lie as a matter of daily course. As the contradictions of their roller-coaster rule multiply, the corporate narrative of unfolding events becomes more and more fantastical, divorced almost wholly from facts and history. An almost comic example is the corporate Democrats’ insistence that Medicare for All will “take away” people’s private health insurance – as if folks are losing anything but a huge monthly bill that fattens a totally unproductive, parasitical industry. An extremely unfunny lie, is the universal corporate narrative on Syria and Libya that erases Washington’s longtime alliance with al Qaeda. U.S. aggression against Haiti has always been shielded by a wall of corporate lies. The corporate media don’t tell too many lies about the U.S. military occupation of Africa, or the six million dead Congolese victims of U.S. Africa policy, because corporate media seldom report on Africa. On foreign affairs, truth is almost never on the corporate menu.

Russiagate is the “Game of Thrones” of lies, a never-ending CIA-signature saga.


Black liberation/self-determination, by any definition, is wholly incompatible with the emerging imperial nightmare order, and can only be forged in a struggle for socialism – with or without effective white U.S. allies. The climate crisis makes every argument for socialism much more urgent. For the first time in human history, there is a deadline for the people’s victory – the creation of species-saving energy production and use structures for global humanity – which cannot possibly occur under the current dictatorship of capital.

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