When a government uses force to control those it is sworn to protect


Armed Tyrants

Americans have grown too trustful of the State, too ready to assume bureaucrats have only our best interests at heart. Even with a maniacal man-child in the Oval Office, many are seemingly eager to turn over individual liberty to those who promise to manage our lives for us. The United States was designed to be the smallest government in the history of the world, with no standing army, and little right to intrude in the private activities of its citizens. Instead, we have the most powerful and intrusive government in human history, with 800 permanent military bases in 70 countries, unfathomable firepower, and staggering surveillance capabilities. Unchecked abuses of power are routine and tolerated.

67 federal agencies, including the IRS and the FDA, have military weapons, according to the OpenTheBooks Oversight Report The Militarization of America. Among the most intrusive programs, including the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Safety Authority, do not disclose their weaponry budget.

The number of armed government officials with arrest and firearm authority has doubled since 1996. The US now has more armed “civilian” federal officers (200,000+) than US Marines (182,000). The IRS spends millions of taxpayer dollars annually on pump-action shotguns, AR-15 rifles, riot gear, and Special Forces contractors to train thousands of “special agents” in targeting American citizens.

Local police, sheriffs, and state troopers have also been armed to wage war against American citizens.  Battlefield weapons are being given to state and local police, allegedly to combat drug trafficking and fight terrorist threats at local pumpkin festivals. Military SWAT-style raids are used to serve search warrants for low-level drug possession, not hostage situations. Relatives and neighbors of alleged criminals have had government guns held to their children’s heads. Violations of civil rights, including illegal searches and the seizure of money and property without evidence of any crime, are commonplace.

Law enforcement requests military equipment directly from the Pentagon’s war-fighting machine: tanks, machine guns, rocket launchers, tear gas, camouflage, shields, and gas masks.  Military equipment is often purchased with civil asset forfeiture slush funds to bypass legislative appropriations challenges.

The high percentage of civilian law enforcement who are military veterans (one in five, by some estimates) compounds the cultural risks of treating average Americans like enemy combatants.

Showdowns between civilians and heavily armed agents of the state in FergusonBaltimore, the Oregon Wildlife Refuge, and at various other political protests across the country should remind us that gun control advocates won’t be reducing the number of guns so much as shifting them all into either federal or criminal hands.



  1. taotesan · · Reply

    Too many interesting articles to comment on, Nomad.

    Apology for being a”pop-in” commenter where I have not recently concluded any argument or discussion .

    (Writing from a small phone with weird auto -correct).

    One of the things that I had noticed when trying to research who the architects of the Translatic Slave Trade and the genocide of First Peoples of Turtle Island, that the very few sites who have named the architects have been shut down .

    Not only that,but Black historians and critics who have painstakingly dug into their own history have been excoriated first by Wikipedia as afrocentric pseudo-historical anti-Semites . The first page when you google “The Secret Relationship between Blacks and jews ” give prominence to only jewish sources and websites .
    When one googles genocide of Native Americans, always the supposed genocide of jews in Europe during the Second World War is featured as a comparison. The few websites that have written about the role of jews with the collaboration of Amherst in the genocide of the First People have all been taken down. If memory serves correctly a piece on Native Americans by Lasha Darkmoon has been censored. (Although very astute in exposing the real power -brokers,she reveals the same horrible contempt for Black people.as other “right-wing? thinkers and writers do).

    (I cannot remember which website comment I read , but one reader had commented that for all of Louis Farrakhan’s supposed ‘anti-semitism’exposing 9-11 and the leading role of jews of the exploition of African Americans till this day with its genesis in chattel slavery , is that he believes the holocost story,is probably the reason he is not taken out. )

    The other thing I have noticed when trying to investigate “conspiracy theory”,that most of the pages are mainstream dominated,more or less casting aspersions on the enqirers of official government narrative (since the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy).

    So far,it has only been your blog and that of Paul Craig Roberts that writes anything of substance on the subject.

    May I ask,Nomad,if there has been attempt at censorship or interference with your blog?

    But something else that is troubling , apart from some shutdown websites concerning 9-11, Transatlantic Slave Trade, and the genocide of the First Peoples ,is the pre-emptive demonization of any critics and truth-tellers as “pseudo-historians” “afrocentrists”, “far/alt right white supremacists* ” “conspiracy theorists”,”anti-semites”, “kooks”and the new one:”hate-mongers”.

    And if one is a blog owner like abagond purveying MSM Western imperialist propaganda in some weird Black psychological operation,then “troll”and “Russian troll”can be used to impugn your critics .

    *many if not all of the the group of white people who do sterling work in exposing the deep state, government propaganda and zio-American imperialism still disheartently retain their animus against Black people.

    In South Africa, Black Land First was shut down who have rightly identified among many other things,the successful coup of Rousef ,attempted coups of Trump and Zuma as the work of white (jewish dominated) monopoly capitalists to smash BRICS countries ascendancy.

    Who owns Google? Who owns Facebook?Who owns the mainstream media? Who owns Hollywood? Who dominates the political agenda in the USA?

    Who “owns”the USA? Who controls the USA?

    Perpetual victims?

    1. just trying to connect the dots. follow whereever they lead even if its to jews. i have strange things happen to my blogs sometimes. esp when i was using blogger (google) and esp when i talk about chemtrails.

    2. Although very astute in exposing the real power -brokers,she reveals the same horrible contempt for Black people.as other “right-wing? thinkers and writers do

      sometimes have to hold my nose going to truther/conspiracy/enlightenment/waking sites.

    3. Nothing specific to my blogs has happened recently, but my computer was hacked during the time I was participating at Abagonds. Correlation is not causation but I first noticed it when trying to comment there. Things I typed would not enter (iirc). It was as if my comments were being interfered with as I was typing them. The same thing began to happen at another blog I was commenting on. Eventually my computer shut down completely. Got it fixed but lost access to my email and had to set up a new account. If I were a suspicious person I would say that someone hacked me because of the bombs I was dropping on Abagond.

      1. Nomad, I am still a Luddite as regards the finer workings of computers.
        Yes,perhaps it was nothing ,but a good many of my comments disappeared when I typed them in abagonds comment section.
        (You do know that abagond, in his profile , is a computer hacker,right?)

      2. really? lol!

  2. taotesan · · Reply

    Sorry ,Nomad,my comment was meant for the article on the 18th October :”They”re criminals “

  3. taotesan · · Reply

    yes,Nomad, for me it is also connecting the dots. i have never any had any political affiliation to any group whatsoever or ever persuaded by the white ideology. the only expression of thought for me that makes the most sense is Black
    Consciousness without any monotheistic religion as a tag on .

    i get what you what you are saying :reading kevin barrett on 911 and zio-american collusion ,the Palestinian plight. then writes about ‘inherent Black inferiority’. even paul craig roberts.

  4. taotesan · · Reply

    Hi Nomad

    I had alerted Resw on the thread ,”abagond has devolved”.

    Now I cannot see your last two comments, stating that you think you might be hacked ,preventing you from commenting on resw’s blog (obviously not resw behind it).

    I hope it is a glitch in the system and not something sinister.

    1. sorry. thanks. i removed my comments to you after i discovered that my email to resw did go out after all. thanks for looking out.

      but there was one comment at resw’s that i thought had been posted and disappeared. but im not sure now. that may have been one of the ones that disappeared upon pressing enter. i have had that happen at other sites as well. so its probably my computer thats hacked. will have to check that out.

  5. taotesan · · Reply

    Very strange,Nomad. Your two comments have disappeared.

    1. sorry for the confusion. it was me that deleted those comments after discovering that my email to resw did go out. thanks again for checking that out for me.

    2. hi. still cant post at resws. going to alert my tech support. ive had the same thing happen at offguardian. no trouble at my other hangout, washingtons blog.

      mysterious messages on my cell phone. ever get the feeling youre under surveillance? maybe im a black identity extremist.

      1. come to think of it, thats exactly what the mysterious voice messages said. that my property was under surveillance and that i am in imminent danger of being arrested. i assume its lawyers, having access to whatever files law enforcement has on me, soliciting business.

        literally trying to scare up business.

    3. now im not sure if my email to resw went thru. he did not mention it or reply.

    4. how do you feel about being banned by abagond?

  6. Katherine Johnson · · Reply

    How do you feel being banned by abagond?

    Nomad,a barely there pink on the cheeks. .

    Quite amused.

    He still has not answered any of my questions on 9-11.
    Neither has any of his faithful commenters challenged him on it.

    1. that disinfo post on 911 is very telling.

  7. Katherine Johnson · · Reply

    And my phone has been doing crazy things

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