ABSOLUTE BRAIN — Fighting Monarch


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Like The Minds of Men, Absolute Brain deals with the science of cybernetics and its political development with brain-computer technology and manipulation of genes. 

The documentary shows the development of illegal cybernetics while it includes entirely mainstream sources.

The film refer to facts from Swedish government investigations and the U.S. Department of Health, while below you can find some facts from the United States Patent Office.

And the film shows the weaponization of psychiatry, as false diagnoses are given by the medical establishment, which is controlled by the big pharmaceutical companies, the government, and the media.

Vaccines are only one delivery system for cybernetics, while you should avoid them at all costs.

You need to keep your children out of the hospital—including at childbirth.

And you need to keep them out of school.

Radio arrays like EISCAT-3D, which is more than one hundred times larger than HAARP, are heavily implicated in the deep state’s mind control programs, which are described by the documentary film: Absolute Brain.

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Absolute Brain refers to the spraying of nanotechnology and fungus through chemtrails in connection with projects like CLOVERLEAF and INDIGO SKY FOLD.

And Absolute Brain refers to the delivery of smart dust, or neural dust, to human systems through drinking water—something that makes fluoride look small time.

Below is a supplementary document that complements Absolute Brain.

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And here is the film itself, which you can watch, for free, below.

Absolute Brain ends with the wrong idea that cybernetics could be used in a positive way, but it is useful in that it shows the reality of the plot against all life.


ABSOLUTE BRAIN — Fighting Monarch

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