Escalated Flu/Covid Mass-Jabbing Biowarfare Coming? — Stephen Lendman

Escalated Flu/Covid Mass-Jabbing Biowarfare Coming?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Flu/covid jabs are all about harming public health in the West and elsewhere on the phony pretext of protecting it.

State-sponsored fraud overwhelms truth and full-disclosure on this crucial issue.

Truth-telling medical and scientific experts are banned on establishment TV and print media they control.

UK-based eminent physician Vernon Coleman MD challenged the state-owned and controlled BBC as follows, saying to one of its propaganda presenters:

“Let me come on your radio show and debate the (flu/covid) experimental jab with you.” 

“I will explain to you the facts about (the viral illness) and the reason why the experimental (flu/covid jabs are) not safe and do(n’t) do what most people” are led to believe.

“I will also explain why I believe the BBC is the most dishonest media organization in the world.”

It’s rotten to the core for sure but has lots of US competition for world’s worst.

Medical expert Coleman’s “only stipulation (to the beeb) is that the debate must be live” so none of his remarks are censored.

He’s willing to take on as many so-called “experts” the BBC wishes to assemble against him.

He’s been interviewed many times before on health issues, wrote over 100 books on the topic and numerous articles.

His knowledge and expertise are well-known, stressing:

Pre-2020 — before seasonal flu was renamed covid — he was invited on-air numerous times by the BBC to discuss health issues, adding:

“(S)ince early 2020, I am not aware of any critic of the (flu/covid) fraud being allowed airtime on any BBC program.”

If his above offer is rejected — what’s virtually certain — “we will have yet more proof of where the BBC stands on” this most cutting-edge issue of our time.

Coleman’s 2019 best-selling book, titled “Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe and Effective is Lying” is based on 50 years of researching and writing about the topic.

He’s lectured to and otherwise informed doctors, nurses and other medical workers on important issue.

He minced no words calling flu/covid jabs “the greatest” fraud of all time.

What began in early 2020 is all about “kill(ing) off a lot of people,” he stressed, adding:

“Thousands of elderly patients in care homes were deliberately murdered by brutal, ruthless policies deliberately introduced to reduce the population.”

“Governments and big companies quietly admitted that they saved billions in pension payments.” 

“We were constantly being told not to kill granny and yet grannies were denied hospital care.”

“And although even governments and their advisors had all previously agreed that wearing masks did no damned good at all, and were indeed certain to do far more harm than good, it was suddenly decided that masks should be worn by everyone everywhere unless they were working in a few select places such as government offices (and corporate suites), where the coronavirus was not allowed.” 

“Thousands of simple-minded and compliant citizens started wearing their masks in the street, while exercising, in their motor cars and probably while in the bath.” 

“They were unaware that the masks, like the social distancing, were all part of a training program – encouraging obedience and compliance.”

“Most alarming of all, perhaps, was the way that the mainstream media supported the unsupportable, defended the indefensible, and refused to question the lies, the deceits and the rejection of the evidence.” 

“Most of the media had links to the vaccine promoting Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.”

With over 100 million undistributed Biden regime flu/covid doses wanting used before past their expiration dates, its hardliners reportedly will promote booster-jabbing — beginning with society’s most vulnerable to finish them off faster.

All jabs destroy health, the more gotten, the greater the damage done.

The diabolical mass-extermination plot isn’t moving fast enough.

Solution? Triple-jabbing followed by more of the same annually.

The Biden regime spent tens of billions of dollars for depopulation on an unparalleled scale.

Tens of billions more will likely be spent ahead — along with enriching Pharma more than ever before in its history.

At the same time, fake news about toxic flu/covid jabs is blasted to the US//Western public daily.

Defying reality on Sunday, CNN falsely claimed that unjabbed “patients (are) filling up hospitals and intensive care unit beds, (pushing) the US health care system (toward) breaking” — one of its many bald-faced Big Lies.

WaPo lied claiming hospitalization of children for flu/covid is “skyrocket(ing).”

The Wall Street Journal reported on how to “navigate through (a nonexistent) pandemic” — mass-jabbing with health-destroying toxins the main recommendation of virtually all major media.

Despite no threat to children returning to school ahead, NYT fake news claimed “parents, students and educators (are beset with) doubts, anger and anxiety” — what only may affect brainwashed elements among them.

According to National Pentagon Radio (NPR) on Sunday, a new Biden regime strategy is needed to mind-manipulate rural skeptics to be jabbed — with what everyone wanting their health protected should shun.

USA Today fake news claimed that some Americans who got J & J’s entry into the (toxic) mass-jabbing sweepstakes “feel unprotected against (the) delta (scariant) and want (Pfizer or Moderna gene-altering) mRNA shots.”

New York became the first US city to demand proof of toxic flu/covid jabs for access to live performances, other entertainment, dining and fitness centers.

Los Angeles City Council introduced similar legislation for access to virtually all indoor public spaces.

Is much of the same coming nationwide? 

Will refuseniks be ostracized from society and kept isolated?

Will their international and constitutional rights be lost?

Already with the world’s largest prison population, will it be expanded manyfold ahead on the phony pretext of containing garden variety flu with a scary new name?

Is the above what the future looks like in the US and West?

If only what’s going on was a nightmarish dream to end on awakening.

What’s diabolically real will likely greatly worsen ahead instead of the other way around.

Escalated Flu/Covid Mass-Jabbing Biowarfare Coming? — Stephen Lendman

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