Black Alliance for Peace: The War over Meaning — Global Research

By Black Alliance for Peace

The struggle over interpretation or meaning has emerged as a critical terrain of struggle as the ruling class desperately attempts to maintain the dominance of the liberal capitalist/democratic discourse as the only legitimate interpretative framework.

The ruling elite’s efforts to impose meaning and to control the narrative are becoming more difficult as a result of the irreconcilable contradictions of the global neoliberal capitalist order that is producing both mass opposition and state repression. But these forces have not given up. For example, corporate media attempts to suppress the scale and scope of the global popular rebellions against neoliberal rule by omission even while images of mass opposition and corresponding state repression inundate social media.

That is why independent channels of information are under attack. The divergence between information communicated via social media and information and interpretation conveyed by corporate media is being narrowed by more intense policing of social media by the capitalist corporations that control those platforms.

This war of information provides the context in which BAP must operate as we try to counter the pro-war, pro-imperialist agenda of the U.S. state. It is why we ask our members and supporters to assist with breaking the information barriers by aggressively circulating information and analysis that we provide.

It is also why we are devoting this issue of our news blast to highlighting some of our efforts over the last few weeks to challenge the dominate narrative.

BAP member Erica Caines discusses the weaponization of the Hong Kong protests.

Netfa Freeman, Pan African Community Action and member of BAP Coordinating Committee takes on the collaboration of Northern leftists with imperialism.

In line with BAP’s campaign to “Defeat the War Against African/Black People in the U.S. and Abroad, Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report’s Senior editor and columnist, reminds us of the role of the police as an instrument of oppression.

Max Rameau, organizer with the Pan African Community Action (PACA) is interviewed by BAP member Jacqueline Luqman of the Real News Network to discuss the historic relaunching of the National Alliance Against Police and Political Repression.

BAP National Organizer Ajamu Baraka on why disarray of NATO is a good thing for the colonized and oppressed.

Erica Caines looks at how liberalism has become the dominate framework for many members of the Black petit bourgeoisie. A framework that she says can end up getting Black folks killed.

Margaret Kimberley, discusses the  bipartisan commitment to advancing the U.S. imperialist agenda.

Ajamu follows up on BAP’s concerns with U.S. interventionism on the critical hour, discussing issue of U.S. imperialism in Latin America.

Ajamu joins Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon to discuss the implications of NATO and the need for ideological clarity in an era where capitalism finds itself in crisis.

On CounterSpin, BAP Coordinating Committee member Netfa Freeman talks about the announcement by the Trump administration to implement a so-called surge by law officials to stamp out a non-existent increase in crime.

Margaret Kimberley again brings some clarity on the real terms of the coup in Bolivia.

BAP issued a statement condemning the coup in Bolivia that was also made into an audio track and played on radio stations across the country. Listen and download here.

Ajamu lays out some of the history of the Anti-war movement in the United States going back to the Vietnam period.  He outlines the importance of rooting all our progressive struggles in an understanding of colonialism and imperialism.

Netfa Freeman discusses the circumstances that led to Bolivia’s Indigenous President Evo Morales to resign and flee to Mexico on Watching the Hawks.

Voices With Vision: Jesus Chucho Garcia, Special Commissioner for the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs for African joins host Netfa Freeman to discuss the “Congreso Internacional Afrodescendiente: Cimarronaje Contra El Imperialismo” that just took place in Venezuela.

BAP will continue to attempt to engage the public with cutting edge alternative perspectives and educational materials to arm organizers involved in the critical work of building organization. If you see the importance of this work, please help us to amplify the voices and perspectives of BAP with a generous donation today.

via Black Alliance for Peace: The War over Meaning — Global Research

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