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Guardian: A rural town confronts its history of mass killings of African Americans — Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services

100 years after hundreds of African Americans were reportedly killed in Elaine, Arkansas, a memorial is set to bring details of the tragedy to light Charlie McClain was surprised to learn that he was related to one of the Elaine Twelve. It came out when McClain, 58, asked his mother earlier this year about the… via […]

History of the Third Reich. Hitler and the Atomic Bomb — Global Research

Author’s preface German dictator Adolf Hitler had a central role in initiating World War II, by pursuing a list of bold and aggressive foreign policy actions dating from the mid-1930s, and culminating in his invasion of Poland in the autumn of 1939 … […] Hitler’s expansionist acts on the European mainland inevitably spread forth to […]