Note to white celebs: Blackface is not cool. Ever.

Some people find it acceptable. Funny. Etc. Like Megyn Kelly. Not me. I find it offensive.

Even if it’s Robert Downy Jr.


Even if it’s Jimmy Fallon

Even if it’s Jimmy Kimmel

Or these guys


One comment

  1. “It’s kind of funny. So is Fallon’s Chris Rock impersonation. Donning blackface as part of playing a character or doing an impersonation is much different than doing it to mock or denigrate a race, which Kimmel and Fallon were obviously not doing.”

    This seems to be what most white people believe. But its not that much different. What strikes me is how gratuitous it is and how white celebs and (presumably) white writers go out of their way to use black face. How contrived a plot has to be for their white characters to have a rare meeting with actual black people while in blackface? That is an insidious kind of racism, a desire to see and depict black people being insulted. Like Megan, most whites seem to see nothing wrong with it. Thus Kimmel and Fallon. But virtually all blacks resent it. So why go out of your way to offend black people? That is a very perverse kind of racism.

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