Daily Archives: April 6, 2016

Doctrine of Denial: the Atlantic Does Obama

by JASON HIRTHLER Everett Collection | Shutterstock.com The April issue of The Atlantic includes a long essay on President Barack Obama. It appears to be based on intermittent interviews author Jeffrey Goldberg had with the president. It is a slick production. Just slick enough to fool the garden-variety reader with little political knowledge beyond the empty carbs […]

Disrespecting Obama: Race, Class, Empire, and Identity Politics

by PAUL STREET Joseph Sohm | Shutterstock.com A Rap Sheet Fades Behind the Extravaganza I wonder if anyone is enjoying the current endless quadrennial presidential electoral extravaganza more than Barack Obama. With the United States’ corporate-managed media and politics culture fixated on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, the Republican National Committee, Ted Cruz, and even sometimes the nominal […]